Aloo Tava Pakoda Recipe in Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy

Aloo tava pakoda recipe is very easy, this is a perfect recipe to make pakode using less oil These are all the ingredients required for aloo tava pakoda recipe For aloo tava pakoda recipe firstly we will cut slices of boiled potatoes These slices has to be not too thin and not too thick Thick slices will be tasteless and thin slices could break while cooking Now we will prepare masala for these For which add half spoon of salt One third spoon red chili powder One third spoon garam masala One third spoon Turmeric powder Add half spoon of amchur powder and mix all of these well together Sprinkle this masala on slices of boiled potatoes Flip and sprinkle masala on both sides Now we will put these away for 10 minutes so they could absorb all the masalas Now we are adding one cup gram flour in a mixing bowl Crush and add quarter spoon of celery seeds Now add the remaining masala Add about two spoons of chopped fresh coriander Add a little salt and mix everything together Knead this mixture by adding a little water at a time We have filtered the gram flour to avoid lumps formation We will add very little water at a time, since adding water all together at once will also result in lumps formation Keep the consistency a little thick so it could stick well with potato slices Now we will fry these aloo tava pakodas For which apply some oil on a hot pan When pan heats up place marinated potato slices by dipping in prepared batter Making tava pakodas like this consumes very less oil which are much better than regular fried pakodas After cooking for a bit, flip and cook other side too Brush a little oil and cook from both sides After cooking for about 3 to 4 minutes when they get golden brown in color, these are ready to serve We will take them out on a absorbing papaer so all the extra oil could be absorbed Serve these tasty aloo tava pakoda with hot and sweet sauce Mostly we consume a lot of oil while eating fried pakodas These aloo tava pakodas lets us make yummy pakodas using very less oil, so you must try this recipe If you liked my video then please press the like button below And do subscribe to my channel And do press the bell icon so you don't miss any of my new videos Thank you


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