Making Bannock Video | 3 Generations of Algonquin Women share family recipe for Fry Bread Friday

Good afternoon, my name is Barbara I’m Algonquin

Today I’m with my daughter Elizabeth Kwe, Elizabeth Nindizhinikaz Our family is from Kitigan Zibi reserve, and we’re here today to give you our version of our fry bread; and I’ve brought along my daughter Aria The ingredients that we’re using today, will be: 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of baking powder, a big bowl and our spoon So we’re going to start with the dry ingredients

Then we mix it all around I’ll get my granddaughter to do it Now we make a little well I’m going to be pouring one cup of water, slowly And you’re going to mix it

So we begin by putting some flour on the counter Take some of our bannock dough, then you roll your little balls Everybody makes their bannock different, they’ll bake it, some people fry it Everybody has their own way of making it and making it their own and making it a part of their family tradition -Why is bannock important to you? -Me? -Ya

-Because it’s a part of our culture So the next step will be throwing the bannock balls into the frying pan And we want to fill the pan a little bit more than half way It’s starting to sizzle, that means it’s ready I’m going to start adding a couple of them

You just want to spread them out, not too close to each other What you want to do next is just turn them over with a fork so they evenly cook When they’re golden brown, that’s when you want to take them out Just shake it a little bit This is our fry bread

We would like you to share your recipe with us using hashtag #FryBreadFriday!


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