7º SORTEO // RIFA // RAFFLE // DIY Clones Juice Recipes

Welcome again to the channel of, YouTube, in this occasion doesn't have review, if not that we have raffle I draw concretely of all that you leave in the image, 48 eliquids and these 48 eliquids, pardon, always equally concretely they are 48 flavors given that it is necessary to highlight him, GIVEN, by SinHumo Seville all these flavors have been given by SinHumo Seville, if you look at it there are many they sent us part of the range of VirusVape, it leaves of the range of SuperVape, perte of the range of EcoVape and it leaves of the range of Vap Fip, they sent us in total 48 different flavors, it is worth in one of the reviews, I said that he/she would give it to a single person because it is complicated to make so many shippings but as you said Miguel Angel, it didn't seem a single person exactly to give him/her so much quantity and it seemed him/her but appropriate at least that there are 4 winners and 12 bottles were taken each one he/she has the whole reason and then, I proposed to him and Juan that I also participate in the conversation this that they thought some system to make the raffle or a condition to participate it is complicated, I understand that all these raffles are complicated of making then, as we will make it this time, then buffff not him you they are so much raffles that it is complicated to make something new or different Juan, said in comments put some video or funny phrase name of our city or where we live maybe, what Juan says would be well, to put in the comments of the video put a "dumb" name, put whatever you want, in the end the search for a system to make the draw it is only to make or to put a requirement, the idea is not neither to bother people neither to have less winning Overall if you put, say for example, "Raul is silly," you're going to participate as if you put any other sentence comments are requested in the video because the program that negotiates the raffle it uses the comments of the video and the subscriptions to make the raffle if you want to subscribe to the channel, to participate in the raffle and later to give you of low, I find it well I don't care it, I don't make these videos with the idea of obtaining benefits, if he/she looked for to obtain benefit he/she would not give it and he/she would stay it or he/she would sell it or me that you

but if you give it it is because you don't pursue the lucre with these products or with these videos good said, I put of conditions to put a comment in the video that you are subscribed to the channel and I will add other but, since all this GIVES it SinHumo Seville that I request to participate to give him/her a "like" in it paginates it of FaceBook that I will add it in the comments of the video in it paginates it of FaceBook of SinHumo Seville I then will request them the "likes" of that it paginates and I will check them it is annoying of looking but I will make it I request that you give him/her a "like" because they have donated all that you see to donate so much quantity of flavors I find that should have an expression with them and a form of thanking them for their donation to go to their it paginates of FaceBook and to give him/her a " like " and in that way to try to compensate all these gifts that make to the subscribers of this channel then that one needs to participate: To be subscribed to the channel of Youtube, to leave a comment in the video this to put what you want, alone they serve the comments so that the program of the raffle links you you have to be subscribed to put a a comment, is worth we will add for those that have me so much hate that you share this video in the social nets, it is worth you share it in your bill of Facebook and you give him/her a like to the page of SinHumo Seville that I will leave you the link it is worth and with people that this in the channel of Youtube with these conditions they will be made the raffle, to remember, 4 winners, 12 bottles for each one of them it will be a very varied quantity, so that a person is not taken 12 VirusVape bottles to be carried, 2 of each flavor there are many that are very good, on all I have liked those of the mark EcoVape the mark VirusVape is but complicated in that they are much more elaborate recipes and the mark EcoVape, is creamy recipes that have pleased me a lot, knowing that EcoVape he/she is the maker of these Eliquids that you/they are very good, it is logical that that their range of products is creamy, like you have seen the bottle this empty one, the liquids that are good usually finish soon good that said, thanks to SinHumo Seville to send us this whole range to prove them although it is an annoyance to make so many liquids, I have to be very grateful to have the honor of proving all these eliquids variations and I wait that 4 of you can prove it and you enjoy the same thing that I have enjoyed good, thanks to Juan to propose that of the names in all ways to put what you want it is it thanks to Miguel Angel to say that of the raffle change and at the end to make and anything this is everything, thanks to SinHumo Seville and that said to subscribe to the channel, to leave a comment, you share the video and you put him/her a " like " in it paginates it of SinHumo Seville good, thank you to participate and anything, we see each other in the following raffle, see you later


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