PIZZA SELBER MACHEN | Rezept schnell und einfach! — HM, #1

I'll do it in one take and enough for today On air! Hello, friends! Today we are making pizza

If you are waiting for guests and have only 1 hour, pizza is ideal variant Cos' preparing takes only 10 minutes Add 1 tsp of sugar to 100 ml of warm water Add 1/4 package of yeast It's 1 tsp Slightly mix Cover the cup with a moistened towel

Let's make sauce For 1 pizza we need 4 small or 2 medium tomatoes Put in the boiling water for a 30 seconds and place in cold water A sharp temperature drop will help to separate the skin easily Make a little cut and remove skin Then cut it into a little pieces or blend it Put in a small saucepan or small frying pan Add 1 tbsp of olive oil or 20 grams of butter

Little pinch of salt and pepper And dried herbs I like oregano and basil Put on medium-low heat for a 1 hour Stir from time to time Come back to dough Sift 125 grams of flour to bowl Add good pinch of salt Pour yeast Knead dough with a spoon Sprinkle table with flour Put dough on table and kneed with hands add some flower, if it's too sticky But not to much! Spend 5-7 minutes to make it smooth and elastic Make a ball

Richly sprinkle table with flour Put the dough, sprinkle with flour and cover with bow Done Now you have free time You can leave dough for 2 hours, but 1 is enough too Let's make a base

Some flour on hands Beat air out from center to edges to make border Turn over Take a baking pan from preheated to 240 C (480 F) oven Some flour on hands

Take a dough Gently stretch it with backsides of hands It shouldn't be too thin Sprinkle pan with semolina or flour and put the base Take sauce from heat Don't take a lot of it – 2 tbsp is enough Spread the sauce from center to edges We are making standard Margarita pizza with souse, mozzarella and basil 100 g of cheese is enough Sprinkle with oil And put in the oven Bake for 6-7 minutes until cheese boiling Put basil leaves Don't slice it, let it slightly cool

Pizza is done! See ya!


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