How to Make Homemade Gnocchi Recipe in Italy!

[♫ Traditional Piedmont Music ♫] Maria Grazie teaches us how to make gnocchi a fluffy potato dumpling that is handmade throughout homes in Italy Gnocchi, that’s simple! You need to boil the potatoes (1kg) , peel them, get rid of the peel, and let them cool, After cooling, form a hole in the center to add: an egg, oil, and a little salt

We will mix it together, ok? Time for type "0" organic flour (300 g) Little by little Don't add any additional flour otherwise the gnocchi will become too doughy and will not taste enough like potatoes Ok it's ready! Look! You need to add a pour of oil in the water so that the gnocchi do not stick to each other The gnocchi were all floating

I like [to eat gnocchi] with meat sauce, or with cheese, or with tomato sauce I used our potatoes that my husband grew, and tomatoes from our garden, and the thyme is from our herb garden Delicious! Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!


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