COOKING | Meatballs: tasty Italian recipe!

Hi guys even though, as you can see, I have Christmas decorations up this is not really a Christmas themed video because today I'm making meatballs not very Christmassy, I guess I made them a few days ago, and I posted them on my Insta stories and a few friends asked me for the recipe so I thought why not, I'll just make a video for them so, yeah, I hope you enjoy Before I start, there's one thing that I want to address That is a lot of Italians are very judgy when it comes to other countries making your dishes like, pineapple on pizza is the most famous example, I guess but spaghetti and meatballs is a close second we don't really eat spaghetti with meatballs we eat spaghetti, and meatballs as a meat dish just by themselves But, as an Italian, I don't really care about people adapting Italian dishes and just changing the ingredients or whatever I don't really know why people get so upset about it, but I find it kind of funny I guess it's an Italian thing Italy has a lot of weird rules about food like what foods you can eat with other foods which foods you can eat at a certain time and not past a certain time like cappuccino It's not acceptable in Italy to drink cappuccino after breakfast which to me is just mind-blowing because I love cappuccino and I wanna be able to drink cappuccino whenever I want but no people are gonna look at you really weird if you order cappuccino after breakfast so no you know I guess just Italians are really particular with their food rules like what else? I'm trying to think of something else like pesto you can only eat pesto on pasta There's no like I guess pizza too, there's like pesto pizzas in some places but you can't put it in sandwiches or chicken or things like that which, I don't know, I like pesto and chicken sue me So, now you have permission on a from an authentic Italian to eat meatballs and other Italian foods however you like So, yeah, let's get started So we have all the ingredients to make the meatballs here we have ground beef breadcrumbs flour and eggs For the breadcrumbs, I usually make my own, so I'm going to show you how I usually make them So, yeah, let's get started and let me just Put on my gloves it kind of grosses me out to touch meet with bare hands, but you can do it so we're gonna put the meat half of the breadcrumbs for now two eggs and then mix okay, when you see that the breadcrumbs are more or less mixed with the meat, you can add the other half and these gloves don't really work for this, so I guess bare hands it is So, now that everything is all mixed up we can take the flour and start making little balls you can make them as big as you want but usually, since my husband eats this with pasta I just make tiny little ones so yeah, you make one in your hands then you dip it in the flour – just coat it with flour and you put it aside and you repeat this for I don't know this is probably gonna be like 20 meatballs more or less so, yeah it's gonna take a while okay, here are our meatballs I have about 30 of them so now we can move to the stovetop and cook these so, yeah, you're not gonna see my face for a few minutes I know, very sad, but you'll see me later Our meatballs are ready Here they are

they look good These are – I would say – five to six servings and, remember, you can eat them however you want in sandwiches, with spaghetti, by themselves, your choice So, I'm gonna try one now I want a tiny one this one so cute So hot tha was a mistake but it's good! yaaay They came out good a few of them are really big but, I think overall they're pretty good So, now you have a meatball recipe, and hopefully you'll try it, and you'll let me know how it went But yeah, so, I guess we're done here Thank you for watching feel free to leave a like or a comment and subscribe bye Oh before I forget I made an apple pie today so I just want to show it to you here it is it came out pretty good and here's it's my video for apple pie recipe Now I'm done for real bye


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