5 SWEET POTATO TOAST Recipes! Easy and Quick!

so I asked you guys if you wanted it to see a sweet potato a toast video and I rounded up my five favorites so we're starting off by making the sweet potato toast I'm slicing my sweet potato a few Pico I said you had trouble slicing it I would suggest sharpening your knife so that you can cut all the way through because I've never had a trouble with it then you just bake them at 400 for 25 minutes so the first variety we're making is egg avocado which is probably the one I make the most I'm boiling some water with a tablespoon of vinegar and then I'm gonna be poaching an egg the vinegar really helps the egg to kind of hold together and then I'm slicing half an avocado avocado is full of healthy fats and healthy fats really help to satiate you and turn off hunger hormones and make you feel full so everything bagel seasoning and I will leave a DIY recipe in the description box I'm putting the poached egg on top which has protein and help keeps you full next up were making a berry chocolate which is more of a desert one I'm taking a tablespoon of cacao along with a teaspoon of coconut oil and mix them met together to kind of make like a paleo chocolate and then I'm a scooping that chocolate onto a quarter or about a half of the soup potato you can do the whole slice but I wanted to make it really pretty and then you leave that to harden in the fridge while you slice your strawberries or any kind of berry will work here raspberry blueberry blackberry and then once it's hard after about five minutes you can just top it with your berries and then you have this wonderfully like chocolate strawberry but it's more satiating with the complex carbs and it's honestly just taste delicious the next one are making is a cucumber hummus one so I'm starting off by slicing up some ribbons of cucumber which is really refreshing and putting that on top of some hummus that I spread on top of the sweet potato this makes a really good snack and I really like slicing d cucumber like ribbons because it makes it really easy to eat and then I'm putting on at some pumpkin seeds which are loaded with zinc and are great for your immune system next up were making ABC toast which is what I call it which is almond butter banana and coconut so I'm slicing my banana really thin so that we get the sweetness of the banana but we don't have like a bad ratio of it I find slicing it thin really works well I'm putting some almond butter and then since to help balance blood sugar and layering at the banana slices on top and you can also use any kind of nut or seed butter here and then I'm adding on a little bit of coconut for the ABC 8 part of it next up were making a chicken salad variety you guys saw me make this chicken salad in the healthy lunches video a couple of videos back but I also like loading it onto potato chips so I take some leftover chicken a little bit of avocado Mayo and some ground ginger which is great for digestion and some fresh parsley from my herb garden you can use any kind of fresh herb here and then I just scoop it on the top and it makes it really easy to eat it toast so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and my ideas for sweet potatoes I'm obsessed with them I always keep them on hand to build little creations and all of these are super delicious so I hope this video it gave you some inspiration don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys


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