How To Make Green Papaya Salad | Som Tum Thai | Authentic Family Recipe #15

Oh, so many mosquitoes [Director] Rolling Hi! Sawadee Kha I'm Amy and this is World of Thai Food Today I'd like to show you how to make Som Tum or Thai Papaya Salad

It's fresh and spicy I guarantee you're gonna love this dish Julienned Papaya Dry shrimp Lime Tomatoe

Long Bean Bird's Eye Chili Garlic Peanuts Palm sugar Tamarind puree and Fish sauce This Papaya Salad is very easy to make After you julienne the Papaya then you just mix everything together in this mortar Let's start with smashing the Palm sugar with the Garlic Now I add the 7 Chili's in here

Now I will add the Lime Next I'm going to put 1tbsp of Tamarind puree in here It will give sour and punchy taste 2 tbsp of Fish sauce When the Sugar is already dissolved you can start to put the Long beans in here As you can see I don't crush it, I just beat it a little Next, I put the Dry shrimp in here And it's time to add the Papaya in the mortar

You just mix it in the bowl at this stage you don't have to beat it again I cut the Tomato straight into the mortar Alright Now my Papaya Salad is ready Now it's time to plate it

Sprinkle the Peanuts on top then it's ready


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