Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup Recipe : Split Carcass for Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Experts Village Today I?m gonna show you how to make turkey soup out a leftover turkey after the holidays are done

Okay so while our vegetables are over here sweating we are gonna come ever here and we are gonna cut this carcasses, on a little bit just to make it little more manageable inside of our stock pot So I mean you could leave whole like this I wish I could cut in half so what you want to is find the spot right here right right by the rib cage Start working your way inward and you will hear some bones crack those are ribs and then the other side You may want to use you know a super sharp knife if you got a clever this is a good time to do that, so you hack into right there Just really pull this part up and what you are trying to do you are trying to break the back bone right back here so let's mark this side and you want to to snap out then you are gonna get your hand dirty

You want to snap it away from yourself is always gonna point staff that way so here if the point where you tilt it off it depends how dramatically snaps That one snaps very stands very little sliver so we are fine so that is how we're gonna prepare we are gonna pout this in our pot and add water to it so off we go


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