The Best Budget-Friendly Summer Recipes

– Well, it is summer, and we all love to be outside and especially when it comes to grilling, it's like the best part of the season So I decided to bring grill master Marlon in to help us out, so Marlon, thanks for being here

– Not a problem, my pleasure – This is so fun – Okay, so you own – Slow Burn Hot Chicken out in Madison, Tennessee – Slow Burn Hot Chicken right outside of Nashville in Madison so if you ever visit, make sure to check it out And you are just, you're a pro I mean, you've been cooking for how long? – Thirty years plus – Oh my gosh, so you know what you're doing

– Yes I do (laughs) – Okay good, so we have a few recipes here, so where are we gonna start? – We're gonna start over here with baked beans – Okay – I use Bush's – Yes you do, for real? – Yes I do

– I use Bush's – It's a brand – And they really are so good – It's not broke, so don't fix it (laughs) Just add a little things to it to spruce it a little

– A little something something So what are we gonna add? – We're gonna add some brown sugar – Mm hmm Good, good, good – Chopped up white onions

– 'Kay – Then you would wrap that – Yup – And if you had a grill with a side burner, you could put it on the side the way it is – Oh nice

– If not, just put in the oven, let it do its thing while you're out here burnin' up – Okay that's right, that's right, so oven for like, what, 350? – 350 for about 30 minutes – Yeah and just let it all cook in there Okay so we have corn, now – Corn on the cob

– Can I tell you what Rachel Cruz does with corn? – What do you do? (laughs) – Well I always keep it in the stalk and grill it, or Winston does, sometimes, and we'll add some butter and a little bit of things but like, not professional, so – Actually, that's the best way to grill corn – Stop it

– In the shuck, you get all the natural juices from that This is the quick, easy way It's been done for you – Okay this is fantastic, then So tell me what do we do? – Just take the corn, – Okay

– Add a little butter, – Do it together, okay And it's already in aluminum foil – Mm hmm – Mm hmm – You just gon' take the butter, lather it on there real good

– Beautiful – I like to add a little salt and pepper – Yes – And then you add a little chopped cilantro – Yes, so good – Another one of those good recipe

– And that's an easy spice just to throw in – That's easy! – Yeah, that's good – Parmesan cheese, – Okay, and this parm is what? – This is the grated Parmesan cheese, which you would normally throw over spaghetti

– Like, I mean, something like this? – Like that! – Okay, something easy – Easy, peasy – Parm, okay – Then just take it – 'Kay – Wrap it up – 'Kay – And then you'll throw these right on the grill

– 'Kay – And let it go – How long? – 30 minutes, tops

– Okay, and corn's pretty cheap – Very cheap – So this is like a super easy, cheap side dish – You can find 'em Now, it's summer time, you can find 'em 6 for 2 dollars – See? So good Okay, next we have chicken, and I hate to be one of those people that's like, "ew, raw chicken" Chicken kinda scares me

I mean, I cook it, but it's not my most favorite thing in the world – It's not a Nothing to worry about

– Gotta embrace it Okay, so this here, what kinda chicken do we have here? – You have chicken drumsticks, and chicken thighs, both are bone in – Okay, and why this? Why not just a chicken breast? – Chicken thighs and chicken legs are relatively cheap, and you can feed a family of 4 for under 5 dollars – Ah! Love it, so great Okay, so what do we do with this? How does this work? – It works in mysterious ways

(laughter) – That's right! – Take some olive oil, gently toss it over the chicken, keep it simple, salt – Some pepper, I'll help with pepper – Do a little pepper Grab the garlic, and I'll grab the rosemary – 'Kay

– Good, earthy herbs – rosemary, yes – Especially when grilling, it'll open up when (inhales loudly) – So good! – Okay' how's the Should I give it more garlic? – Give it some more garlic – Woo! Yeah, yeah, yeah Marlon! Okay, so you have rosemary here

– Yes, ma'am – So, what else could you use? – You know what? Go in your kitchen, open up your spice cabinet And just play around with spices – Marlon! – You have 'em in there already! There's no need to go out and buy You pretty much have all this in your spice cabinet – You need to meet Sharon Ramsey, my mom She was at a cooking fete with me, and I'm not kidding you, her line always 'Cuz I'm always like, mom how'd you do this? "Just open up your spice cabinet" – Anytime you're cooking, seriously, just open up your cabinets

– Marlon! That's amazing That is so funny – Thyme, rosemary, garlic – Anything, just open up your spice cabinet, and put it in So, going about grilling this – Grilling it – Show me what to do, 'cuz I'm not a griller – Just take it to your grill, open it up – 'Kay

– And just place it – 'Kay – These are your chicken legs – Chicken legs – And then you take your chicken thighs, and put 'em on there too

– Where do you buy your meat? – I do Kroger, Publix Then we grab the corn – Oh yes, yes – With this in the foil, just set it right on the grill – So some of these, you had the seasoning up, some of the seasoning It doesn't matter? – It doesn't matter 'cuz you're gonna turn it over And then, close it – Yes – Give it about 15, 20 minutes

Come check it 'Cuz you don't wanna catch all the flare ups You don't wanna come back, and you're just Oh, I left it there too long Got a problem – Yes, so how often do you check it? – I check mine every 10 to 15 minutes – 'Kay, perfect – Come out here, check it, flip it over, rotate it around

– So total, about 30 minutes on the grill – About 30 minutes tops – Another way to finish off a meal, it's hot out, you want some cool and refreshing watermelon salad – Okay, so what do you have here? – I have watermelon, pineapple – Mix it all in? – Add it all to it – Oh, it's gonna be a big salad – Chopped up red onion Red onion has a nice aromic flavor to it

Especially with fruit And then you add some chopped up mint – Mint, yes! – And you have a good, fruit salad – And do you do anything with this? – Just mix it all up – Just stir this up, wait on our corn and chicken

– Stir it up, you got your corn and chicken still sitting here You hear it sizzling, so it's doing it's thing – Mm, I'm smelling that garlic too – That's the aroma you wanna catch – It's good, it's real good

– So, we'll let it do its thing – And we'll have a meal Alright you guys, well We'll see you in a few, when everything is done (upbeat music) 'Kay, so it's been about 30 minutes, everything is cooked

– It's cooked, and ready – Let's dive in, I'm so excited about this Yeah, you do it, 'cuz that's hot So, we grilled on a propane tank grill here You can do oven, and other grills

Tell me what else we can do – If grilling scares you, you can use your oven Same way, same seasoning, same marinade with the red beans, the chicken and the corn, you can do it in your oven If propane is your thing, you can use propane You can even use a charcoal, and infuse smoke into it Add a smokiness to it

– Oh, yes You like charcoal, right? – I am a lover of charcoal, and smoking Slow and low is the way I cook – So good Marlon The chicken – It's easy, on a budget friendly – Mhmm – You got your hot, you got your cool for a hot day like this – It's so doable you guys

Families four or five Do it in the summer So good

And you have another recipe – I do – About a burger – It's a maple, bacon, bourbon burger Try to say that fast, as much as you can

– Maple, bacon, Bourbon, bur (laughter) – Yes! – Just tell me the Bourbon part, it that like – You add a little Bourbon, or Jack, and you add it to the meat, especially on a grill – That is, so good Okay you guys, if you want that recipe, if you want any of his recipes, make sure to click the link in the description below And ladies up there, if your husband is a griller, make sure to tag him, so he can get these recipes

Well Marlon, thank you for being here – Your welcome – Seriously, such a gift, 'cuz I love food – Have fun (laughter) (upbeat music)


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