RIPIENO PER CANNOLI SICILIANI – Traditional Italian recipe (part 2)

Hi friends from youtube Welcome to the second part of the Giro del Dolce We are where? In Sicily Once again Because we showed you the video recipe How to make the CANNOLI waffles from Sicily, but we still have to show you how to make the STUFFING! It is such an easy recipe with very few ingredients So let us show you The ingredients are 250 of RICOTTA (cottage cheese) 75 gr of SUGAR and here we have dark chocolate drops if you like them, you can also add candied fruit It is easy to make the stuffing I am going to use the planetary mixer with the flat beater so as to avoid sifting the Ricotta in advance So adding the Ricotta cheese then the sugar then I almost whip them with the flat beater sugar and ricotta together after which, we'll add the chocolate drops Once we've whipped the ricotta and sugar, stopping the mixer now I'm adding a few chocolate drops, a handful please And if you like them, you can add a few pieces of candied fruit So here's our super quick ricotta cream that you will use to stuff the cannoli We showed you how to make the waffles in the first video Come back next week for more dessert recipes on Il Giro Del Dolce Lorenzo, are you going to be with us next week as well? Yep Ok, he's touring with us Wishing you a sweet day!


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