Slow Cooked Braised Stuffed Lamb Breast_Bollito Nisto_Aubergine_Beef Recipes By Gordon Ramsay

What are the brilliant things about slow cooking is there's often very little preparation required, and it's the oven that does all the work My first recipe is packed with strong confident flavors and with the oven taking the strain is a pleasure to make delicious slow braised stuffed lamb breast one of the secrets the slow cooking is to be robust and Really get stuck in big bold flavors work brilliantly Well, so don't you precious this is gutsy cooking that is absolute best These are lamb breasts are beautiful cheap cuts and is sort of tucked alongside the rib They're being boned out the skin has been taken off I'm gonna roll them stuff them and braise them braising simply means cooking in liquid on a low heat Making the meat divinely tender now open them up and give them a really good season season on both sides inside and out really important Doesn't look like a real weighty dense cut of meat, but once these beautifully slow braise it's just like melting lamb It's incredible on a season that rests with some dried or Agana Put it heat in there some chili flakes Lemon zest just Amazing Salty done cherries in there they almost melt inside the lamb So the balance of flavors work beautifully now pull it down Towards you and roll that nice and tightly That's what I'm looking for Strength just need to tie them three times one at each end and one in the middle I Fell in love with this dish years ago when I first started working in Paris Because we had all the lamb in from the Pyrenees Nice thing is they can be done the day before pan on olive all in Get that oil nice and hot lamb in Really important to you It's a nice color on there whilst their brownie slice the onion The lamb is gonna be cooking four to nine hours, so don't slice the onions too, thinly, otherwise they'll burn Garlic and leave whole I've got a color on them that beautiful Take them out onions in and garlic it straight in lovely That's a secret about slow braising you never change pans Why all the goodness? Isn't that one pan? To chili seeds in there Are gana nice pinch? You'll be the lemon in there, and I do the onions what I did to the lamb Next my capers Fire them off Get them exploding the bottom the pan they get nice and crisp in next my black olives now white wine Mmm bring that up the boil Deglazing the pan as well Rinsing the bottom of that pan and now the flavor in there

It's just extraordinary now grab a tomatoes Punch up those plum tomatoes Then simply place the lamb breast back in the pot and remember to taste That's nice lid on Into the oven 172 two and a half hours and forget about it Well beautiful All that was reduced down to this amazing nice tomato sauce and the lamb Has kept its color Its braised beautifully very carefully Little bits there it's nice off pull off the little bits of string This is why I get really excited The secret is not to slice it too thinly And smell the lemon It's hard to believe when you slice through the center there, but that is a very cheap cut of meat I'm salivating I love this I mean it's just incredible Pick up the tomatoes and the olives on the onions I'm amazing rich for horse take the lamp sort of just sit it on It looks incredible That for me is why chefs get so excited with cheap cuts for the end results are incredible Delicious breasts of lamb with lemon and Chavez chili and Ariana Slow-cooking is a fantastic way to develop delicious deep flavors here are three of my easy one-pot wonders minimum preparation long cook and an amazing wonderful taste First up easy bleat, Oh missed Oh a classic Italian mixed meat dish I'm starting with some Italian fennel sausages Fire them until colours making sure all sides are nicely browned Set them aside then slice chorizo a spicy Spanish sausage with a wonderful smoky taste and fry as her releases always incredible flavor Next chopped carrots Celery garlic and add to the same pan this keeps in all the flavor Stir into pre lentils these are excellent for slow-cooked dishes because they retain their firm texture and shape Next add a bay leaf and some fresh Thyme sprigs Then the sausages go back in along with chicken stock Simmer until the lentils are tender then season to taste Finally sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve simple to prepare a cinch to make and pack full of delicious hearty flavors my twist on an Italian classic magnificent easy bleat oh mister My next everyday effortless dish is slow-cooked aubergine Diced the aubergine and fry in hot olive oil until colors and all sides Then add a finely sliced onion and chopped garlic cook until tender Add cooked butter beans and pomegranate molasses, which is a sweet they can glossy tangu reduction of pomegranate juice? season Next add a can of chopped tomatoes Bring to a simmer and cook until the aubergine has a gloriously soft and silky texture Stir through chopped mint pile onto toasted bread and finally for a lovely salty tang crumble over some creamy feta cheese Minimum preparation was slow-cooked for maximum flavor over jeans like you've never tasted before One more dish that uses time to transform a humble ingredient is perfect slow-cooked beef Start by finding the beach in in hot oil seasoning as you go This is a very economical cut of beef as it slow cooks it also makes the most delicious Gravy as the marrow of thickens and flavors of source In the same pan so they chopped carrots peeled whole shallots sliced celery peeled and chopped ginger and garlic Next add tomato puree and cook for a few minutes Add the shin back into the pan with a glass of dry white wine And the juice of an orange listed glazing the pan adding incredible depth of flavor Pouring chicken stock season and simmer for an hour and 20 minutes This dish is brilliant finish with gremolata a dry Italian salsa made with chopped herbs Simply chopped parsley and garlic together and mix in the zest of an orange or lemon When the beef is cooked rich unctuous and beautifully tender scatter over the lovely fresh gremolata Simple satisfied and crammed full of wonderful tastes and textures delicious Fast to prepare cheap and easy to make slow-cooked to perfection three amazing dishes I guarantee you'll make time and time again This is my essential guide to kitchen equipment everything you need to know about the basic kit will get you cooking fantastic food casserole dish Absolutely essential when it comes to good home cooking why so versatile the beauty of this thing is the fact that you can actually use it on the hob or Start on the hob and finish in the oven more importantly cast-iron it conducts the heat So you can have the gas on absolutely minimal well the oven down to its absolute lowest setting and the thing will just cook naturally Casserole dishes are surprisingly versatile and a great investment

You only need one and if your car thread will last you a lifetime brilliance for one-pot wonders Coming up on my guide to slow-cooked favorites More easy tips to refine your kitchen skills if you don't skim all that off The stock becomes faint cloudy the insiders guide to brilliant buys it's when our fashion in Italy should be enjoyed by every point it's a Fantastic piece of makes and braised pork belly a recipe to stake your life on it and that is amazing


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