4,800 Stir-Fry Recipes In This Video ! (no typo)

Yephoopla! Hey guys, what's up? It's Alex So, ah, today I want to make a very special episode, about Stir-Fry To me, doing the Stir-Fry is the easy part The most complicated thing is to come up with a Stir-Fry idea

Let me give you just a bit more context Like making a big dish, a show-stopper dish on the week-end is nothing complicated You have time to make it You have time to come up with an idea I think it's fine

But on the other hand making a new dish every night Trying to keep people excited around the table, trying to come up with new ideas This is hard Unless of course you get some help from the French Guy So with my own little hands and my rusty old mind, I did this

So it's a webpage, hosted on my website, I'll show the link in the description box down below Basically, every time you're lacking, or running short of an idea for dinner, you just go to my page, and you generate the Stir-Fry In its current state, my Stir-Fry Generator can output about 4,800 different Stir-Fry recipes Which means for the next 18 years, 18 years, you could be eating a different Stir-Fry every night of the week Isn't that cool? I'm going to take 4 ideas from this Stir-Fry Generator, and we're going to cook them together

First one Let me just screen grab this Second one No, no, no You saw nothing

That's a good one Ok, so now I've got 4 good Stir-Fry ideas Let's just go and get the ingredients right now So I couldn't find no basil, neither cauliflower, so I just swapped those ingredients for coriander and broccoli But, I mean, it's real live cooking, so whenever you are running short of an ingredient, or missing another one, just swap it and move on

That's what I did So I've got four plates, each one is going to gather all the ingredients, for that specific Stir-Fry To go with all those Stir-Fry's I made an all around sauce, it's a very basic sauce that just balances the acidity, the sweetness, the saltiness, but you can pin this with spices or with more and more ingredients This is how you make it Use a good measure of soy sauce, a touch of sriracha, a good amount of vegetable stock, a drizzle of vinegar, a grating of ginger, a grating of garlic

Then you will add a table spoon of corn starch Diluted in a small glass of water, some neutral oil to make it shine A few drops of sesame oil just for the flavor Two-three table spoons of sugar Then you want to taste it and adjust, Before I give it a taste, you just want to remember that you are looking for: salt, sweet, bitter, acidity Salt, sweet, acidity No bitterness Perfect

So in this Stir-Fry video of course we are going to use my crazy space wok range machine I just performed a few tests and everything seems to be running perfectly now Recipes To me a Stir-Fry should always be a simple dish So, here are my cheats on it to cook it super fast Cook each ingredient separately until almost cooked At the end drop everything in Add a dash of sauce and toss it serve immediately I just realized that this Stir-Fry- the chicken and onion and almond stir-fry is missing anything solid I've got those really solid pasta leftovers and I'm just going to add them to the stir-fry Once again that's it I hope you enjoyed this stir-fry episode Please give it a big thumbs up and shout-out over all your social media

You know how we work Use the hashtag #Spreaditlikebutter and don't forget to tag me of course And you can share the webpage the stir-fry generator so that your friends, your family the people you care for don't feel miserable on the weeknight A special thank you to my patrons out there for supporting me financially I've got something special for you It's about life

It's about private cooking sessions and it's coming very soon About using completely insane and absolutely unsafe contraptions As always, guys, stay curious Enjoy Take care bye-bye Salut!


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