Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup Recipe : Dice Onions for Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village  Today, I'm going to show you how to make turkey soup out of leftover turkeys after the holidays are done

  Okay, so now we'll take our onions, and I'm going to peel this sticker off just because that gets in the way  So you have two ends  You've got the bulb end that it grows out of, and you have the root end  We're going to cut the bulb end off  Be careful especially when you're dealing with a large flat onion like this one

  Get rid of that, dispose of it out of your way  You want to make sure none of the paper is anywhere near you because it will stick to your onion  And now we're just going to flip it over and cut straight through just like that  And there is our sweet onion so this gives you a good chance to peel back the skin  And the reason you leave that root end on is it will hold it all together right now

  You see that's what's holding and keeping it from falling apart  If you were to cut it off you would just have bare onion flying around everywhere  Alrighty, so now what we're going to do, a simple dice  I'm just going to make a series of about a half inch to three quarters  inch verticle cuts this way, and just the same cuts going across as such  When you get to this piece you're going to have a little extra, so you can just take your knife like this, slice it off and minimize your amount of waste or trash as the case may be

  So just nice verticle cuts like that, couple more like this, and I'll do one more right here  And then, I've got some paper trying to stick to me, that's what the onion skin is called, paper  There we go, take this and put it into our trash pile, and that is the onions  So real quick I'm going to go ahead and start sauteeing these, and move on to starting our soup                


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