Salt Block Bae: Keto Beef Kebab Recipe with Avocado Chimichurri

why was a mushroom the life of the party because everyone thought he was a fun guy ha ha ha ha that's a really bloody good what up guys welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen so today we're gonna be using the Himalayan sea salt block to make some really tasty beef and veggie kebabs if you're vegan you can swap in extra firm tofu for the beef or even if you're a seafood lover you can swap in some scallops and giant bay scallops or some giant shrimp so here is an interesting random fact about me I am probably a self-confessed like gadget for it so you know you're scrolling through Instagram and you're seeing stuff and you're like who buys this stuff me I'm that guy a couple weeks ago I saw somebody cooking on this Himalayan salt block imagine your table Himalayan sea salt this crushed-up one right here but imagine just a big slab of salt I ordered one and I loved it I posted it this past week on my Instagram story and got a lot of questions about it so I wanted to break it down for y'all today to show you some of the benefits of using a Himalayan salt block and also just show you just how cool it is one of the first questions that I had about it was is it gonna make my food actually really salty and it doesn't at all it actually flavors the food just right because you get the salt into your food little by little not all at once the other benefit of using this block to cook on is that you can add some minerals to your diet you can balance the pH levels in your body and it's antibacterial too because all the salts so you don't have to worry about fungi and is it fungi its fungi right its funk fungi so the first thing we're going to do is make a really quick chimichurri sauce you've seen this before you may have had this before I'm gonna take some parsley then we're gonna take some cilantro pack this in there we're gonna add in some flavor by tossing in dried oregano toss in some garlic cloves this is about three pour in some olive oil if you don't want to use olive oil you can also use some avocado oil the avocado will not come with the flavors sexy pretty mild I just recommend to not use coconut oil because that's gonna have too much of a sweet flavor and it's gonna interfere you're gonna add a little bit of heat here by tossing in some red pepper flakes we're gonna work those forearms by squeezing in some lime all right now let it be known that vinegar is up there on Kevin's least favorite foods but I'm gonna add some here because it does help I'm gonna toss in a little bit of apple cider vinegar if you don't want to use this you can also use some white vinegar since we're gonna be cooking on the himalayan salt block we don't need to add in too much salt here because we're gonna have the salt from the protein from the kabobs but we're gonna just a little bit pop the top and blend and if you need to only if desired especially if you are on one of those keto diets you can add in a little bit more oil here it's not required though and if your chimichurri needs a little bit more liquid all you have to do guys is tossed in a little bit of water or you can toss in some more lime and it smells delicious but I also smell that vinegar I'm taking one for the team today a quick taste test add in what you think it needs I think it's perfect as is so here is our special ingredient guys that I was talking about we're gonna add in some beautiful ripe fleshy avocado ooh and then we're just gonna dice this and slice that in half and add that to our sauce whoa you can't tell me this is not beautiful and then now we're gonna just fold everything together just like this and we're gonna set this aside in the fridge we're ready to eat it okay so now here is the fun part we're just gonna put together our kabob so I'm gonna keep it really simple I got some sirloin here some top sirloin some asparagus and then some bell pepper first off you want to use the thick type of asparagus whenever you're putting together some kebabs but it can be kind of crunchy and a little bit too crunchy if you just put it onto the grill so what I like to do is I like just to do a quick steaming of these vegetables these are called stasher bags pop it in here we're gonna microwave this for about a minute see this is perfect this was in the microwave for just one minute now we're just going to to assemble them make this somewhat colorful to do some bell pepper asparagus beef and then repeat alright guys so now I'm going to take this out of the oven and bring it over here so we can cook the kebabs on top of the salt block you can also do this on your grill the only thing about the salt block is that you have to heat it up gradually so in increments of like every 15 minutes you can raise it a couple of degrees you don't want to do it all at once because then it could crack your block so this has been heating up now for about one hour but this should be really nice and hot there we go and one thing that you'll notice too is that your salt block changes color just a little bit it's not as pink right now it's a much more of a orange color that's because of some of the oil that I added to the top of it let's get right into cooking so this is a nonstick surface already but it helps that whenever you add the oil and this also prevents any cracking so we're gonna add some avocado oil you want to use high heat oil this brush has a little bit of water on it so that's why it's reacting to it so don't be like me to make sure that your brush is dry without any water and then just push this over now let's add in our beautiful kabobs I like to put something on top of it to help to really mash it down it's not gonna get overly salty but just to make sure that a nice beer gets on there you're just trying to change color right there and well I love it man this looks good look at this this is a really nice tool to cook on but it's even better to actually serve your food off this so imagine just putting this down in the middle of your dining room table the food still sizzling people like today man Kevin so culture bro okay Himalayan salt blocks what do you use the dixie paper plate last thing we're adding is our avocado chimichurri everything just looks perfect right now this is a great way to jazz up your summer barbecue or your summer party even heading into the fall think about ways that you could do this think about making some of your favorite treats like a chocolate chip cookie and making these on top of them of course they got to be calorie conscious guys but baking some chocolate chip cookies on top of your Himalayan salt block oh my gosh I gotta taste this there we go I think you want to try this this is perfect amount of salt yeah perfect in my you don't need anything to this in the acidity in the chimichurri actually complements this dish very well the avocado balances it out so it's not overpowering from me you get a ton of flavor you got crisp tender vegetables as well you know this is a win go ahead and get this guys I'm gonna actually add a link below so you can go and research about purchasing one for your household this one here was about fifty dollars because it came with this little case which I highly recommend you can pop these things onto the grill you can store these inside the freezer and you can serve your poke hey off of these as well so there are tons of uses for this and I just think it's not a necessity but it's always good to keep your dad interesting and you could keep it interesting whenever you were adding in these different elements to your kitchen repertoire all right guys that's it for today's video if you enjoyed today's video and this walkthrough and I want you to smash that like button and then I want you to also comment below your favorite kebab company it can be a vegan kebab it could be a seafood it could be a surf-and-turf but just give us some fresh idea so that way we can all keep our diet fresh and interesting and calorie conscious alright guys until next time I want to thank y'all for watching keep it healthy but what that's right never ever boy boom bye guys


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