What is the PALEO DIET

Sugarless crystals here your Keto Paleo food with you we're slowing things down the speaker on something serious So what is the paleo diet exactly now before I get started I do want to say Even though we all we have a lot of fun in this channel You have to remember while we're all here if this is your first time here We have a lot of fun What we do with Keto and Paleo Foods, and I think you should join the team subscribe buttons below see Paleo diet was born in the Low-carb Movement and When Low-carb first hit the scene I guess people started redefining it and coming up with new ways well coming up with different ways To make something good even better now paleo comes from the paleolithic, era

You've heard of it as the Caveman diet It's based around what we would have eat in fact when we were hunter-Gather Anyway, no sugar no alcohol No Dairy products the lagoon no processed oils no salt coffee and grains now things that are ultimately of course are Things such as vegetables Your meats of course root vegetables root vegetables of fire now I guess is debatable where you can have potato or not, but potato is a root vegetable But depending on where you want to go within your diet that is up to you completely your fruits your nuts Now pina is a legume to my understanding I could be very wrong if I am wrong Either way if that's what you want to do personally I hate the word diet Because you know I'm growing up everybody when you think of diet you think of oh? I gotta be hungry tired – hey get diet doesn't have to be a death sentence man Don't look at them in the diet Look at them look at them as lifestyle changes even before you consider doing them understand What your life will be like? How much better it is I understand tea days Yeah me myself I I'm not going to say I don't have them, but I have over the years I've had them less and less and less and less That's something because I've found other options I found healthier options It doesn't mean you can't go out to eat anymore these restaurants are catering to us now set Snacks I Can still have cookies? They're not as sweet, and they're always tasty They're cookie recipes are there

I've done blindly recipes I've done cupcake recipes I've done I've done brownie recipes and really that's what singles Christmas is all about it's all about not Generating a diet because it's not a diet It's a lifestyle doing what I do now on YouTube here I've come across some amazing recipes that I never thought that our even that back even tastes well I'm not a so-called diet, and I tell the truth I mean I'm not Gonna I'm not gonna lie to you guys because of our lot And I lose my authenticity nobody wants to watch a liar Well there might be another story, so if you found yourself here You definitely came to the right place people like yourself same recipes in for me to review and make on my channel I also make sonic bloggers recipes I know as someone who's trying to live a healthier lifestyle myself the last thing I want to do is constantly just go through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of websites trying to find what I'm going to eat that Night because guess what it's a lot easier to drive down the street and go to Wendy's I want to keep this video short Paleo diet is a lifestyle when you choose to eat how they say we would have eaten in the paleolithic, era So until next time is as cigarettes crystals here and here

We are making new recipes We just need the food You got to stay healthy I? Sent a young age I chose to live a healthier lifestyle No because it sounded well, but I watched my elders You know I had someone very close to me I watched her she just died over the years and By seeking answers trying to help her I learned myself and I said you know while I'm young let me do this now and I can possibly change I can possibly change how my future will be so clear diet and proper exit So having a healthier diet and a proper exercise hopefully, I'll age well you know it's still a little too early to tell but you know I'm I'm getting it please consider taking care of yourself


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