Simple And Tasty Recipe For Pav Bhaji Rice | Leftover Chawal Recipe

Spicy, savory and satisfying! This delicious Pav Bhaji Rice will change the way you look at leftover rice forever! Here's how you can revamp your day old rice into something magnificent! "The classic pav bhaji veggies are boiled potatoes for taste and body And boiled peas for a hint of sweetness Start with boiling your potatoes

Add the green peas a little later as the potatoes take longer to cook You may also boil them separately Using a knife, check to see if your potato is ready If the knife comes out easily, your potato is cooked Place the potatoes in a bowl of cold water

The cold water makes skinning the boiled potatoes easier Now it's time to make the masala Heat some ghee in a pan to flavour the rice Then add some cumin seeds and mix to coat the seeds in the ghee Chop some onions into small pieces Onions form the vegetal foundation in cooking

Without them, most other vegetal flavors would come off as insipid or weak Then add in the chopped onions and sautee them until they are soft and translucent Now chop some green chillies You may add more or less depending on the amount of spice you can handle Now, time to add our pav bhaji masala, to give it that signature pav bhaji taste! Mix in the ginger garlic paste and let the mixture cook for about 2 minutes

" No pav bhaji is complete without tomatoes De-seed your tomatoes with a spoon to prevent them from becoming soggy And then chop them into small pieces Add the chopped tomatoes We'll let these soften slightly before adding in the rest of the vegetables Then add in the cooked green peas Skin the potatoes using your hands and then chop them into small to medium sized pieces Be careful not to mash the potatoes while chopping them

Think of it as a Khada Pav Bhaji where the vegetables are not mashed Mix them all in and let them heat up fully Finally, add some salt and then stir the mixture well Now time to turn your leftover rice into a delicious meal! Just fold the rice in gently You don't want to break too many grains

When everything is coated well you're done! You can enjoy this tasty rice dish on its own or with some curd Top it with some utterly delicious butter and just like that, your plain old rice, transformed at the Glamrs kitchen into a fantastic meal is ready to eat!


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