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Hi, everyone welcome to my channel today's recipe I am making a dulce De Leche cheesecake with Graham Cracker crumb crust now This is a requested recipe by my one of my favorite viewers Byron Chandler, so thank you byron for requesting this it's delicious

You're going to love it So I rockin robin and I'm going to show you how to do it right after this Let's get started and go over ingredients You know what's in the recipe first off We have our graham crackers right so the recipe calls for 16 Graham crackers I just want to make sure you understand What's you know what size? Is that so you want to use? This size here as opposed to the way they come you know this giant piece here So you mean 16 of those oh and by the way guys? You can get the written recipe down below in the description of this video be sure and click where it says show more We'll need some brown sugar a little bit of cinnamon and a little bit of salt so that does it for our Crust For our filling we need some cream cheese We'll need some caramel sauce or dulce De Leche which is I have a video for you, and it's homemade it is really delicious You can certainly use store-bought, but my homemade sauce is so much better And it is much healthier because you know there's no preservatives or additives or anything else in it alright

We'll need some melted butter I have some heavy whipping cream a little bit of sugar to go in that and a little bit of vanilla extract Our recipe calls for an 8-inch springform pan, but you can also use an 8-inch pie plate that'll work too So if you're planning to make my caramel sauce for this recipe That's the first thing you're going to want to do so follow that video I'll leave that link for you down below like I said and It only takes about 15 minutes to make it and then you want to cool it you want to make sure that caramel sauce is really cold Before you add it to our recipe so from there after you do that then just come back and we'll start with our crust We're going to place all of our graham crackers you can break them up if you want into a food processor We'll start grinding that up Once you get the Graham crackers nice and crumbly I'm going to pour them into a bowl here because I want to mix in the brown sugar myself So I'll toss in the brown sugar just break it up and Sprinkle it in Same thing with the cinnamon and a pinch of salt And I like to just combined it with my hand or you can do with a spoon whatever whatever suits you Now we'll add the melted butter to the mixture And you want to just stir that so you get all the crumbs nice and moist? And we simply pour the crushed mixture into our springform pan or your pie plate, whatever you're using So I'm just going to even it out spread it out So that it's you know evenly dispersed on the bottom of the pan And then I'm just going to use my hands to press it in You want to compact it down It's not going to go up the sides very much It's going to you'll see it a little bit, but not a lot And just try and make it even you can feel it with your hand where some parts are higher than the others so just kind Of push it so you get it in place and like I said guys this is a no bake recipe Or I hope I mentioned that so this is going to go in the refrigerator until we get our pie filling ready Now for the hard part of our recipe now I'm just kidding We're going to mix up our cream cheese into our mixing bowl here now Make sure your cream cheese is softened, right it'll make it so much easier for you So let that sit out for like well even an hour would would be perfect So we'll just mix this up with our mixer I'm just going to break that down a little bit and I'm going to add a little bit of vanilla extract to this And mix that up Next goes our chilled caramel sauce or dulce de leche now you notice I didn't put any sugar in this yet, but it's going to get all its sweetness from this addition And then we'll just blend this in Now I want to scrape down the bowl here the side so that everything gets mixed in really well You probably noticed how my bowl keeps moving around on me, so I'm going to put a little wet towel right underneath it It's a nice little trick that you can do keep your bowl from sliding around Once everything is combined We'll stop with that Now I'm going to keep this cold

I have a lot of hot lights in here So I want to put this in the refrigerator until I finish mixing up my whipping cream Our next step is to whip up our whipping cream So I'm just going to take my chill with and cream pour it into my bowl I'm going to add a little bit of sugar so that it kind of matches up with my my other mixture I want it to be just slightly sweet So I'm going to add my sugar and a little bit of vanilla extract Just about a half a teaspoon or so Now you want this to be nice and firm I want it to be whip up pretty stiff Once the whipping cream is nice and firm We're going to fold it into our mixture Okay, so now we'll just pour our mixture right in here And you just want to spread it out And that's all there is to this all we got to do now is put it in the refrigerator It has to stay in there overnight My cheesecake has been in the refrigerator for over 24 hours And now we're ready to take it out of that springform pan and serve it up now You don't want to take your knife and Just go around the edge of your cheesecake Just to kind of release it from the pan All right, I'm gonna make a little cut here get a slice out onto our plate

So just work your knife in there and lift that piece out, so You're going to have some caramel sauce left over you're going to just drizzle some of that just right over your cake All right guys I hope you guys try this I'm gonna give this just a little tiny taste Make sure I get some of that caramel sauce in there dulce de leche That is incredible guys It's creamy and Cheese cake tasting obviously and that caramel sauce that de leche is fantastic you guys going to love this I hope you try it thanks Byron for Requesting it and if any of you have any requests for me leave it down below in the comment section of the video Those of you that haven't subscribed to my channel yet and would like to there's always buttons for you to click and you'll be notified Every week when a new video comes out, so thanks again everybody Thanks for watching Share the video if you can I really do appreciate it See you next time happy I am making a Dilute de Lucia, cheesecake yes Dulce De Leche cheesecake with Graham Crest Graham cracker crumbs yeah Okay


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