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What's up world! We are in "Para Llevar" your channel 😉 and we are so excited because we are going to prepare a tradicional recipe of SALSA! -sauce- Mexican salsa -sauce- you dont have an idea! this is REALLY GOOD! and the most courious thing is that this recipe is the original one from Andy's f-a-m-i-l-y from generation to generation

It has passed already 4, at least that I know maybe more from my mother, grand mother, great-grandmotherand their mothers! so, from great-grandmother? from Great-great-grandmother? so well let's go the first thing we have to do is to roast red tomatoes and also, Chiles better green ones, like this! we have to roast, very very very well you have to move them -you can use some cooking utensils, don't worry- and when they are very roasted we add them into a bowl with water the water in the bowl is a key resource we can wait a little bit untill they cool a little bit -tomatoes, and chiles, in the water- let's do it! now this one! OMFG ! a Molcajete look over here! we have our whats it's name? It's a Molcajete ok, I got it Molajete made from stone it's super heavy If you are goint to buy one you have to clean and disinfect it very very very well! and for doing so, you can use as a finish complement a garlic and wait and after that, you have to wash it again whats the point of the garlic? it's because garlic it's a natural and very powerful antibacterial ohh look! ajá this has a lots of years and its from my grand mother ironically from generation, to generation yes! now we have to peel the tomatoes a tip: if the tomatoes are roasted well, it will be easir and faster to peel them skin before that we can start removing chile's little tail some of them already have loose the tai we have to remuve this part and now Chio, if you can do me a favor I'll it feels so cool! meanwhile I'm how do you call this? crushing? you are shaking I am shaking? shake? come on! you are doing salsa! I'm grinding the chiles -look at the microwave!- you are doing Salsa we hav to add two handful of salt two handful of salt, it can be from sea, or refined

and something super super important part of the tradition Add many many many L-O-V-E-! love Andy is so lovey! <3 other way, food doesn't have the same flavor yeah, that's right when I'm on a bad mood and I cook something meals doesn't taste so good people also notice that and when I really had a goodwill cooking somthing like: Ay, I'm going to cook for! I mean, cooking for me, or somebody else but with good mood, it tastes good! Adding tomatoes* we have to crush it 😀 It requires lots of practice we have our drone! <3 baby drone! The tomates are done! Ok, If you dont have Molcajete don't worry! you can use mixer It's blender, right? ok, yes it's blender! Andy, what's happening? did you cook often? of course! but I use this! haha just kidding I just forgot the name, ok? ok, ok,! stop it! If you don't have Molcajete, you can use blender

No problem same process you roast some stuff put the ingredients there and crush them <3 I mean, it's not the same flavor because here, the value is the artesanal work I feel that this gives a different flavor the work of doing it, with your own hand! crushing it manually It doesn't finish like in the blender In the blender, food ends something like mashed potaoes you can calculate time, so you don't end with smashed food but it ends differently like smothie? milkshake? no no no! you don't have to wait too much! just a little time, not so much becasue other way you can have smashed sauce There's some people that love their sauce smashed I do, I like it I do my salsa that way some times like smoothie but

(!) this is the one tha we always have at home Actually it's pretty curious, because two friends from Sweden, came for dinner they tried this traditional Salsa and they liked it! as the same, a guy from Russia, tried and it looked like it was ok at first, it was spicy but he could I hope that Matěj, from Czech can try it he is excited about to try mexican food in México how often do you do this? daily, we have fresh salsa daily not! we have fresh salsa daily yes! fresh fresh? yes yes! DAILY? because everybody at home eat salsa with their meals somtimes, we prepare salsa for two days but almost daily now that you have the crushed ingredients you have to add do you remember this water? we'll add this water just a little bit so? just a little? yes, you can decide how much with more water, it's the same good flavor, and less spicy it's for not having a so much thick sauce for example, I do love sauce like consommé I don't eat so much chile so I like this water added it's super tasty! but there's some people that prefer the thick version they like good challenges it's going to be a little spicy my fingers are suffering only for holding this mmm what a baby! it hurts beacuse I had a little cut in my finger more specific, the cuticle So, so this is the process that we usually do the algorithm for Salsa's preparation well, try! ¡ESTA BUENA! -it's great in spanish- we are not using more of this water, right? if you want, we can add more to the sauce it will be less spicy from 1 to 10, how much do you like it? from 1 to 10 I think something like six yes, beause I don't eat so many spicy things

in comparassion with other people other thing: there's some people that like to add garlic or onion also we doesn't eat like that, but it's also a posibiity you can add half a garlic, or less and a little part of onion also you have to to mix it now we have here "Totopitos" = little totopos , -mexican tortilla fried- we usually add this to every meal with soup, tacos meat it's for everything you can add it to any food it's like an elemental sauce! it's THE SAUCE! so, you have it, daily, and always what happens, if I do a lot, and I freeze it? hell no! I have never done this before there's no necesity to do that could be a good idea but freezed can lost their properties, and change flovors but it preserves, right? ok It doesn't itch it doesn't itch, but it delicious wait wait, let me try more with chicken! 😀 but now, it itchs! it's not spicy it's becaous of the totopo and well, if you have a recipe of sauce writte it on coments as the same if you want to try this Sauce writte us If you know some places to have great meals they can be traditional places, or not so much but with something original please let us know! and we'll go That's all for today! If you want more traditional recipes Give us a like! and lt us know what do you want us to cook Yes!!!


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