Strudel di mele ricetta altoatesina

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel Greedyweb, today we make the Apple Strudel but not with the puff pastry or pasta brisa Today we make with original recipe for original dough, They says that: Also today the best recipes of strudel come from territories on which once stretched the Austro-Hungarian Empire and there are two recipes: first with the milk and egg-free the other with the water, egg and a tablespoon of vinegar Today we make this one Then, there is a small parenthesis, they says that: to make a good strudel, are needed 4 people: a diplomat, who knows how to handle the dough a financier that procure the filling ingredients in abundance a soldier who Kindle Fire and a sweetheart in lover that sprinkles all sugar I am one, I will do for four: D to make the basic apple strudel recipe, we need: 250 grams of plain flour, 1 egg, half a glass of warm water 2 tablespoons of oil and 1 tablespoon of vinegar I have apple cider vinegar, and I put it But in the recipe is written put the white wine vinegar and a pinch of salt take a pinch of salt, we put it in flour and mix well pour the flour on the table, make a hole in the center we pour the egg inside 2 tablespoons oil, 1 tablespoon of vinegar we pour the water

We begin to work from the center and knead We work the dough for at least 10-15 minutes always knead with floured hands otherwise it will stick on you do not have to add much flour, but dirty your hands with flour to prevent sticking I've done work in the planetary mixer Meanwhile, fill a ceramic bowl or a steel pot of boiling water we knead the dough for another two minutes grease the dough with oil we put it on the table We take the ceramic bowl that we had warmed up, we empty it and dry it and we put it on the dough with a cloth above, in order to avoid that immediately disperses the heat and let stand for 1 hour after 40 minutes we prepare the filling, we need: 3 apples, I've already peeled and cut into thin slices into thin pieces at the apples we add the lemon peel only the yellow part because the white part is bitter add the juice of half lemon 30 grams of pine nuts 50 grams of sugar Cinnamon 2 cloves crushed or chopped with a knife let's add cloves to cinnamon and apples mix up The raisins soaked, we take it, we squeeze and put it on the apples, mix well Now we have to widen the dough we take a fairly large kitchen cloth We dusted tablecloth with flour We resume the dough for the Strudel and we begin to widen it, first with the hand, then with a rolling pin we must continue to widen the dough for strudel until, the tablecloth not one glimpses through the dough but the right technique it would be: put your hands with the palm facing down and with the aid of the knuckles you extend the dough, When it is almost transparent, let's melt the butter we brush with the melted butter over the entire surface take 100 grams of bread crumbs, browned with a bit butter we spread it over the dough there are those that put the biscuit crumbs, it is a bit sweeter but altesini they do it with breadcrumbs Take apples, be careful not to put the juice, put apples on the dough Now we close the first side PS: you put more apples, must also fill the part on the left of video, the one where we start to roll 😉 we help each other with the tablecloth and begin to roll the Strudel As you can see, raising the cloth gently, accompanying the movement, the strudel rolls by itself Important: the closure must always be put placed below Now we must put it gently into the baking pan we try not to break it Strudel is cooked straight line or to horseshoe we brush the surface with milk not all brush up it, there are those that brush or those not brush, there are those that brush with the butter in this recipe is written brush with milk, and I do it sprinkle the surface with cane sugar Altesine secret: make 3 cuts deep enough to reach the center of Strudel one at the center, one right and one left We bake in an oven preheated at 200/220 degrees for 30-35 minutes if you were to color before you finish cooking Take a sheet of aluminum and cover it and continue cooking Here is the strudel baked beautiful color and crisp, freshly baked it is crisp and what we do? It should end to cool down, but but who resists one's perfume? and here is our apple strudel freshly baked it is still crisp and hot but when it is cold, the surface it will soften mmmhhh is hot, Yummy: D very hot but very good, I continue and finish the slice of Strudel: D Enjoy your meal!!! At the next !!! Thanks for watching! SUBSCRUBE TO THE CHANNEL


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