Whole wheat Italian Pizza recipe by Enzo Coccia

Good morning I'm Enzo Coccia, we're in Naples Today we're making Margherita with whole wheat

How to define whole wheat? From the cinders it contains This whole wheat is nothing but the non-refined part of the barn, outside of the wheat grain Whole wheat flour has 1,30% cinders in it up to double zero flour The issue in making whole wheat pizza is its softness Usually whole wheat bread is heavy, so in my profession I created a whole wheat risen flour, as the Americans say: "light"

There are different proportions in the blend with double zero or whole wheat flour Water: in this case, half a litre 25 grams of salt Let's melt them let's melt the yeast Let's add the flour we already weighed in this way and let's start kneading After having kneaded this dough 25 minutes long we can notice its resistance its malleability, softness and the holes inside Using tha same dough we're making a fine Margherita

The coating technique is obviously the same: 9we do the rotation and we have our pizza coated We're making a margherita with Piennolo tomatoes, a variety from Vesuvius They grow without water and this is incredible! They have a hard skin: along centuries they adapted to the environment Let's take our buffalo-milk mozzarella from Battipaglia, Paestum, Capaccio Scalo Sheep's milk cheese

We add a bit of extra virgin olive oil: 8 milligramsFrom the center to the exterior, let's build our "six" as the ancient pizza chefs said And to complete it, some fresh basil Mechanical leavening produced air inside the dough that makes it soft Now let's have our slice of pizza Unfortunately you can't smell the fragrance! Here we have our slice of pizza: let's fold it up and taste it Excellent!


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