How To Cook Mexican Tortilla, A Mexican Recipe

The main ingredients are flour, water, yeast and butter Just melt the butter and pour it in the mixed flour and yeast

Then add hot water and mix everything Mix it with you hand, give the dough a massage and punch it! Make small balls, and then put it on a table to make it flat It needs to be very thin! I learned how to cook the tortilla made of wheat flour because it’s easy and cheap to do The original tortillas are made of corn but in most of the world this type of corn doesn’t exist so I preferred to show you the flour recipe which can be done worldwide Take care to add some flour on the table otherwise the tortilla will stick on it Then bring it on a pan and wait few minutes until it cooked, flip it to cook the other side

With the color you can guess when it’s done As you know in Mexico, the basis of the food are the tortillas, so eat it and feel like in Mexico! Those home made tortillas are so much better than the one you buy! Hope you liked the video, like and subscribe for more!


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