HEALTHY Donut Recipe! Gluten Free PALEO Donuts!

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel in today's video we're making some delicious grain free donuts if you are new don't forget to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any future videos and let's get into it so I'm starting off with almond flour you could substitute this for oat flour or brown rice flour and then I'm adding in two eggs I haven't tested this with flax eggs but if you use flax eggs if it good works and it's good let me know down below so I can tell everybody else I'm using three tablespoons of maple syrup I love maple syrup because it's a natural sweetener you can also use honey in this but I really like the texture and the flavor of the maple not that it makes a maple Donis but you know what I mean then I'm adding in a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and this basically just helps them rise and get fluffy like donuts are of course I'm using my starburst spatula which I get a lot of questions on and I got it at williams-sonoma and I believe they still have it they even have it in a pack of three with like three different sizes of Star Wars spatulas so we're mixing that up until it's fully combined and it doesn't take long at all the batter is thick though so I will warn you on that if it's thick don't worry because it's supposed to be I'm spraying a doughnut pan that I just got off Amazon they're super cheap you can probably even find them at like a HomeSense or like home goods and I'm putting in about a third of a cup into the donut pan until it basically fills it I like them to kind of overflow a little bit when they cook so that you get like big nice sized donuts and this for me made for donut so if you want to make more you can double or triple the recipe this made for larger sized Donuts for me and you want to make sure you put water in the tube that you don't put anything in so that it doesn't overcook I bake those at 300 for 10 minutes and then I'm melting to some coconut oil and putting some coconut sugar and cinnamon on a plate I like coconut sugar because it's a lower glycemic sugar and it's an unrefined one and then cinnamon also helps balance your blood sugar so the two kind of work in tandem low GI imbalances your blood sugar I'm sprinkling nuts we're going brushing a little bit of coconut oil on the top of the doughnut just so that it gets a bit sticky so that when we dip it in the coconut sugar and cinnamon mixture it kind of sticks a bit so delicious this is kind of my take on like a listen in sugar doughnut you just coat it all around until it is on all the sides and you get some on all of it I only did the top I didn't do the bottom with this and I thought that was like enough but you can do both sides if you like and then for the choc glaze I'm just taking a little bit of coconut oil and making like a paleo chocolate glaze with some cacao powder cacao is great because it hasn't been processed and it's raw so it's got all the antioxidants and benefits of cacao and that's what's gonna make our chocolate glaze so it's super easy it's just two simple ingredients and you stir that together and then I'm going to be dipping in the doughnut in it to the glaze just swirling it around a bit until it gets fully coated and then you just take it out and you lay it on your sheet now this you want to wait for this one to dry a bit because the chocolate is kind of melted so you want to wait about ten minutes for the chocolate to kind of solidify on the top otherwise you will get chocolate all over your hands but just continue doing that to as many as you want you can do I did half and half I did have chocolate glaze and then have cinnamon sugar you can do all of them one way all in the other way it doesn't matter whichever one you like but they turned out so good and they are so easy to make they freeze well and they make the perfect breakfast or snack so once you're done at your Donuts it will be delicious they can be stored in the fridge for a couple days or you can even freeze them and then to take them out whenever you want hmm you can't even tell if they're green free they're so moist so delicious and you can mix up whatever you want on the top I think the chocolate is definitely my favorite though okay guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did it don't forget to give it a thumbs up and a comment down below whatever you want me to do next whatever recipe you want me to create and don't forget to subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys


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