PALEO COOKIES | How to Cook with Megan B.

Have I given up completely on my hair? I'm gonna go with yes Right up top, my name is Megan Batoon

I'm not a professional chef, but after I make these you might think I am Last week I had spontaneous sweet tooth, and I almost went to the store and just grabbed the break and bake cookies But then I thought, hang on, I can get away with this and not feel half as bad All I got to do is just make them Paleo It's on the same plane of you going to a health conscious grocery store, like Whole foods, and you end up getting Cheetos

You still went to a health-conscious grocery store You just didn't get the health-conscious groceries To begin you need two bowls! One for wet ingredients, and one for dry ingredients The dry ingredients quartet that we're going to start with is Coconut Flour, Baking Soda, Almond Flour and Salt Starting with the Almond Flour you're gonna need one cup

Fourth a cup of Coconut Flour Teaspoon of Baking Soda Fourth teaspoon of Salt and then just give it a quick little stir We're doing so well! In your wet ingredients bowl we're gonna start with Organic Dark Brown Sugar Three-fourths of a cup of this This stuff

Looks like not sugar This looks like quicksand This looks like edible quicksand

When I put this in, look at it and tell me that this is not the memory foam of sugar You ready for this? Are you seeing this?! Next time to add some fats in it! The recipe calls for six tablespoons of coconut oil or butter I don't like coconut oil that much, so I'm going to do three tablespoons of coconut oil and three tablespoons of butter While this is taking me forever, I'm going to preheat the oven to 350 Which is something I should have done before

Okay, now we've got our fats we're going to mix them together with a hand-mixer (Exasperated Groan) Putting these things that a hand mixer is like trying to get the USB in the right time on the first try It never happens Beat this together at a medium speed for one minute until all of it is combined Next adding to the wet ingredients

We need vanilla extract One and a half teaspoons

Almond Butter OH YEAH We needed six tablespoons of this I wonder if there's a Guinness Book of World Records of how much Almond Butter someone can eat in one sitting I think I could be a great contender And a quick little cleanup job (Lick and Chuckle) The world's most dangerous lollipop

Back to the races! Beat this until it's all mixed up Next we gotta throw in a star player, the egg! Oh, now we are doing it! The greatest scent in the world HOLY MASS it's good Stir in our mixture until it's all one thing All right once your dough looks like a salted caramel

Tar We're gonna add in our chocolate chips I have Dark Chocolate Baking Chips 67% Cacao, which is great for us, but if you're anywhere under the age of 16

It would mean "Why am I eating this?! this is disgusting!" We need one full cup of these Whoa that was like half the bag Hahaha Were these supposed to be healthy? They're "Paleo" cookies They're not calorie list cookies Paleo cookies just means, I'm eating a cookie and I kind of want to lie to myself that it's good for me

Okay we gotta mix this in! Cool! When you feel like you've done a passable job Grab two baking sheets and parchment paper The reason why you need two baking sheets is because we're going to make ginormous cookies, And they're going to spread out And you don't want them to touch each other Because incest works with baking too! NO IT DOESN'T! 0_o Now it's time to roll up our dough into little balls

big balls Well (Giggle) It's a larger dough sphere than you're used to So you're gonna work quick! Divide it into eight balls Smash them down just a little bit, so that they know where they're going Set them up for success

Throw them in the oven! My magic number is 16 minutes OH MY GOOOOOOOSH They come out perfect every time The final touch, while it's still hot, I'm going to add in sea salt If you're a big bakery fan, and you like bakery style cookies This is the holy grail of it

I doused them in salt My God, I can already taste it! She says after she's tasted it And there you have it! These are your Paleo Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Bakery Style Cookies My name is Megan Batoon and if you do decide to make this at home Best of luck! BA BA BATOON! They're not even completely cooled, because I'm so excited to eat them

Don't let me down (Softer) I know you won't (Foodgasm) (Dramatic Inhale) OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD



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