Freedom in a Cup of Turmeric Tea with Ginger & Lemon – Cleansing Recipe, Musings & Inspiration

Brewed with turmeric and ginger, lemon tea makes a potent infusion that can be enjoyed year round for its cleansing, detoxifying properties and exceptional health benefits When life gives you lemons, make lemon tea

Lemons suggest bitterness or sourness, while lemon tea is a cleansing drink that resets your healh and aliveness Lemons are bright, like the sun And the sun gives us warmth Warmth brings happiness and what if happiness means freedom? And, can freedom be attained? Freedom, we all speak about it, we all think about it, we all long for it, we all work towards it But why does freedom feel like something unreacheable for many? Why does it feel absent even for the wealthy? Maybe, the real question shouldn't be: how to attain freedom? But, what is freedom? If you can suffer without suffering, fall without falling, love without loving, run without running, fight without fighting, believe without believing, you would understand that freedom is all about the art of perfecting non-attachment

Enjoying everything, without being owned by anything, non-attachment is the beginning of freedom You can neither create it, nor attain it, as you are freedom itself You can only BE that which you already are Any idea of freedom that you may have had is only a state of mind Does this make any sense? The fact that it may not make any "fixed" sense is freedom itself

All the understanding is in the middle of the bitter, or sourness and the aliveness within the lemon tea I was wondering: what if lemon equals to freedom?


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