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today I will show you how to make a guacamole that is a thousand times better than the store-bought and it is so simple stay tuned hey I'm Dr Ekberg with Wellness For Life and by subscribing to this channel and following us you will learn everything that you need to know to master true health today we will show you how to make guacamole it is one of my favorite things to do you can have it as a dip you can have it as a side dish there's really no way to mess it up but I'll show you how easy it is we're gonna start with some avocados we'll have some fresh lime fresh onion garlic like to use fresh cilantro but I didn't have any so when I run out I freeze it to keep some for backup we'll have some tomato salt and pepper and if you like a little bit of hot spice you could use jalapenos I never keep those around so I'll just use little hot sauce we'll start with avocado and these have been sitting in the fridge for a while so I don't know how good they are this one was really nice actually but if you don't if they gone a little brown or grey then you can just scoop out the nice part it doesn't really affect the end result so there we got to cut out cut away a little bit and you could use an electric mixer but when they're really really right then they mix so easily you can just stir it in see it's a little bit like a gamble this one's not great but it's we can salvage some of it and avocado is one of these wonderful wonderful foods that nature makes because it's so enjoyable in its natural form and it is so rich and satisfying it is nice and creamy it has lots of fiber lots of essential lot lots of good fats and it's one of those things that mother nature really got it right so there's two of them I'd like to make a little bit extra because once I make it eat it it keeps for two three days so you want to you can make a little bit of extra and that one looked really nice too now if you buy it in the store and it keeps for a week or two then you have to kind of question how that happens because really really fresh food it spoils very quickly that's just Nature's Way of reclaiming things that if it doesn't spoil then that means that the pathogens the bacteria and so forth they don't really want it so you always have to ask if if the bugs don't want it then is there is it really something that that you want to eat so the fresher the better but the fresher means it has a shorter lifespan also this one is just a little bit firmer so I cut it in pieces before I I put it in there and then we're gonna have some onions and I want to chop so I'll just make some cuts down the side and about 1/4 onion I think is about right for three avocados we're gonna chop up the cilantro this garlic clove is pretty big so we need to cut it in two to make it fit in the garlic press I love garlic yes most things taste better squeeze some lime in there so we'll start with one wedge of lime and then I'm gonna mix it up and taste it and see if it needs more and just slice Tomatoes you want either a really sharp knife like this or something serrated otherwise you'll be cursing over the tomato so you cut it dice it little bite size and there's no rule for this however big and chunky you want it I know in restaurants they like to keep the pieces as large as possible so it looks like they actually put some real food in there and that's that's a good thing and two tomatoes might have been a little more than what this really needed but again it's hard to mess it up as long as you get the proportions even remotely close you will be okay some salt some pepper like fresh ground black pepper there's always a little more aroma to it when you grind it fresh and then we just put a little bit of hot sauce I use schritica but pretty much any hot sauce would work fine and then we're gonna stir this up and if your avocado is like I said if it's really right then it will mix pretty easy if it's a little bit firmer then you can cut it in smaller pieces before and you can also use an electric mixer I do that sometimes but these were pretty right so we're just gonna leave it at that and that looks fantastic we sometimes use it with organic corn chips if we want to use a little dip you can use it with some some crackers and of course we try to find low-carb gluten-free crackers and or you could just dip vegetables or you can have it as a side dish so we're gonna have a little taste here and that is delicious that was a big garlic clove so for some people that might be a little bit much that was almost like 2 or 3 garlic cloves we're gonna add a little bit more lime and a little bit more salt and that is very very good like I said homemade guacamole very difficult to mess it up try it and enjoy it so let me show you what this looks like up close will give you a little zoom in shot and make sure you subscribe and follow our channels you can stay tuned for more ideas on cooking but also principles and understand how health works


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