Chicken Bone Broth Recipe in a Slow Cooker

– In this video today, I'm going to share with you my favorite and best chicken bone broth recipe that you can make in a slow cooker, so keep watching (upbeat music) Hey guys, I'm Lacey Jones for Gratified Soul

I'm going to share with you a very fast and easy way to throw all these ingredients into the slow cooker and step away for 12 hours, and come out with the best tasting chicken bone broth you've ever had If you want to get down into the benefits and some of my tips and tricks, watch my first video that I did on the best bone broth recipe in a slow cooker that's using grass-fed beef bones So let's get started Let's talk about the things that we're gonna need First of all, let's start with quality ingredients

That's the most important thing that you're going to have to add to this bone broth because everything's going to be cooking for a very long time We're feeding ourselves all the collagen, glycine, and amino acids, and if you have bad toxic food that's in there soaking along with it, it's actually gonna be more harmful ingesting this So good quality ingredients, number one I really love the rotisserie chickens at Whole Foods Make sure that it's organic, non-GMO

I think that it's amazing Yo can get it cut in half and then that way you can pull all the chicken off and save that chicken for later on this week or you can add it to the bone broth and make a chicken soup You can also add it to your salads The list goes on, but you get two meals out of one and that's another thing that I love about this chicken bone broth recipe The next important thing that you're gonna need is filtered water to cover the bones in this bone broth and we get ours out of the Berkey, so it's a lot easier to get a lot of water filtered that way, but if you have one of those attached to your faucet, that works great too, or you can get glass bottles of spring water and use that to cover the bones You also need an acid to pull out all of the glycine, collagen, amino acids, and all the good stuff from the bones, so we put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, one full lemon, I like to roll it first so it squeezes better, salt and pepper, this is pink Himalayan salt This is fresh ground pepper, so you're gonna get those oils too And then tumeric is very good for inflammation

You guys know how much I love my tumeric You can watch my tumeric video or even the bone broth video before I put it all over

And I love a tablespoon of this minced ginger, I think tastes amazing We're gonna do about 14 cloves of garlic If you're making this bone broth for your dog, then I don't recommend adding the garlic to this, but we love it, and we're also going to add rosemary and thyme, the full packets I think the thyme really brings out a nice flavor to the chicken bone broth that you're really gonna like So I just shredded the chicken and this is what it looks like after, just the bones, which I do leave some of the skin on and all of that good stuff

And this is all the meat that you get for the next few days It's so convenient and easy, especially when you don't know what to make or you're hungry, so that's gonna help on top of This is gonna be amazing for our bone broth

I'm gonna take the lid off and we're gonna place all of the bones inside So now that we have the chicken bones in the slow cooker, I'm gonna add the garlic cloves We use about 14, but you can use a lot more or less Pour it all over We use all of these These are pre-washed rosemary Oh, one down And then do the same for the thyme That smells so good And kind of break it up too a little bit so some of the oils get out Next I'm going to do a tablespoon of the minced ginger

This is going to help you if you have any gut issues as well, and it really just has a great flavor, especially with the chicken I'm gonna take the tumeric, and I'm just gonna cover it all over the chicken It depends on how you feel about tumeric, but tumeric is great for anti-inflammatory You should definitely watch my video on tumeric if you haven't yet But I'm just gonna sprinkle this all over the chicken and make sure that I have a lot of it in there

So next I'm gonna add the salt You can use as much salt as you like and I love adding a lot of salt You can also add a lot of these herbs after you do your bone broth, so then you can spice it up a little bit more, punch it up, add a little more salt if you feel like it needs it or add a little more lemon if you want more lemon Then I like to use a lot of fresh ground pepper just to cover the whole chicken as well This gives us a really nice flavor and it really brings out a lot in the bone broth and also helps with the tumeric

It really helps make it more bioavailable Now we need to add our acid So we're gonna do a tablespoon of apple cide vinegar And then I just cut the end of a lemon and cut a couple slices into it and I'm just gonna squeeze it And it's okay if any of the seeds get in there because those seeds can be strained on the next day, so it's no problem

I like a lot of lemon in my bone broth And lastly, we're gonna cover everything that we've just put in the slow cooker with filtered water Now all we need to do is put the lid on, set this on at low heat for 12 hours and then we strain it in the morning with this strainer inside this pot It's super easy to do And again, if you guys have any questions write them down in the comments below or make sure to check out my best beef bone broth recipe that's absolutely delicious and I hope you guys enjoy

Make sure to subscribe to my channel, like this video, and please leave a comment I would like to hear from you Let me know how you enjoyed this chicken bone broth recipe, and I will see you guys in the next one (upbeat music)


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