10 min Mexican Beans Soup Recipe

Hi everybody welcome to my kitchen I'm Lennis from Cook Dance Love Live I'm a food and wellness coach and today I'm sharing a new recipe that you can get done in 15 minutes this is a life saving recipe it's a mixed beans Mexican soup and honestly it's just so quick and easy to make and it is healthy it has a lot of good proteins and carbohydrates it's plant-based and without any oils which it's great for your health and also it's a life-saver again when you're rushing home you're really hungry and you want to whip something quick for you and your family this soup will definitely be super satisfying and then you can accompany with a salad or something on the lighter side so if you have any questions or comments on this recipe please let me know in the comments below and if you haven't subscribed to the channel don't forget to do it it's completely free and you will get notifications on my brand new recipes every week when I publish them also if you're interested in getting a healthy makeover just to get started just to try to get into the habit of eating better go to my website cookdancelovelivecom and download the 5-quick substitutions for your healthy eating makeover it's a completely free guide and literally you will just get all these great tips on how easy it will be to substitute certain foods to make your daily life a lot healthier well thank you very much I really hope you enjoy this video and I will see you next week have a great time and enjoy Bye


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