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– So a fatty is the barbecue world's version of a meatloaf, a smoked meatloaf You add some slow roasting, some smoke and some spices and even just a simple chub of sausage or a pound of beef is taken to way new heights

This is actually a Greek fatty It's inspired by the flavors of a classic gyro My very first job was in a Greek deli So I love these flavors Definitely reminds me of that time and all the great lamb, cucumber onion flavors of a gyro

This recipe is actually in my brand new cook book The Complete Electric Smoker cook book And just, fatty's work great in electric smokers And this is just one of the many recipes in there Grab it now, the link to the book is in the description of this video and also at barbecuetrickscom

So here's all the ingredients here Some basic stuff, you've got of course I mentioned the lamb and the beef and the bread crumbs But you also have a lot of garlic, eggs Sesame seeds, oregano, Worcestershire sauce Salt and pepper

And a lot of garlic in here, I love using this garlic press to really get the garlic cloves all minced up Again, there's a lot of garlic The trick to a fatty is how do you roll this thing up and make it not be a mess So actually, always try to incorporate a big pan Either a baking sheet of some sort with rims and some parchment paper

Spread it all out as evenly as you can by hand first on top of a layer of parchment paper Then add a second layer of parchment paper on top and smooth it out that way As far as adding the cucumber, the red onions and the tomato you want to try to get that as dry as you can In this case, we're gonna kinda scoop out the seeds of the cucumbers and dry them as much as possible in a paper towel As well as dry the cucumbers for the tzatziki mix as well to keep the liquid down on that

Just chop it up and you're gonna try and make it roll up as easily as possible in the meat So it's really beautiful to look at Just layer the things on top of the meat in whatever order you want Leave a little room on the edges because you're gonna wanna seal it up afterwards And actually make a loaf

And then you may even want to chill this whole sheet of meat and veggies before you try and roll it up just to give it some stiffer consistency When it's chilled it will be a lot easier to roll up This is where you'll really find the parchment paper helps a ton keeping it in place You can use plastic wrap as well Just give it a little bit of time and you can seal the little holes as you go and try and keep track of where the seam is on the meat

Here it's on the bottom But that's it, tuck in the sides and you're ready to put it into the smoker Alright so the wood chips go in And this is gonna be going on the smoker This is the seam that we rolled it up with

Seam side down for two hours at 225, low and slow Oh, filling up the cooker I'm using a charbroiled digital electric smoker I actually did an un-boxing a few weeks ago I really love that smoker

Just really simple and easy to use And here's another, the recipe for all the stuff is in The Complete Electric Smoker cook book that I just put out But the tzatziki sauce, I just love the flavors in this Cucumber, we've actually tried to dry it out as much as possible You've got the juice of one lemon three cloves of garlic, a lot of garlic chopped fresh dill really makes it taste great

A cup of plain yogurt, try to use a Greek plain yogurt Salt and some black pepper as well If you want, you may even want to try and drain some of the liquid off of this blended mixture before you mix it up with the yogurt But either way, it ends up really good So after smoking that fatty about two hours the meat's gonna look pretty much like this

Internal temperature, you're gonna want it to hit 145 degrees And then you can just carve it up You can actually serve this as a gyro Slice it up, serve it with some pita wedges And that tzatziki sauce, it's really good

Look at the great smoke ring too That's the beautiful thing about electric smokers you get the smoke ring just right on fatty's like this My big fat Greek fatty, this recipe is actually in my new cook book, The Complete Electric Smoker cook book One of my favorites there And you can get it now

The link is going to be in the description here at the bottom of the video or at barbecuetrickscom In fact, if you go to the website there may be a special pre-order deal with some extras that you should check out For more tips, tricks, other fun stuff wwwbarbecuetricks

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