Cooking Traditional Kosher Dishes : Add Matzah Meal to Matzah Balls

Hi I'm Karen for Expert Village I blended this until it's light colored and full of air and now I'm going to add it to our matzah meal now the matzah meal you can usually find in the Jewish section of any major grocery store, or you can find it in a kosher mark And we're just going to pour our egg mixture into there, you see it's got a lot of air in it, which is important to make those matzah balls nice and fluffy

And we're just going to fold the matzah meal in you don't want to stir it up and ruin all that air, just folding it just cut through the middle and just to mix it till it's lightly mixed and all the matzah is wet and it's incorporated evenly And then we're going to put that in the refrigerator to sit for one hour we'll place first I'll put a little of plastic wrap over that, and we'll place that in the refrigerator for one hour


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