Chilli Chicken Recipe—Kolkata Restaurant Style Dry Chilli Chicken—Indo-Chinese Chicken Gravy Recipe

Calcutta-style Chilli Chicken Calcutta-style Chilli Chicken: An Indian–Chinese dish born in the Chinatowns of Calcutta boneless chicken thigh 250g thighs are juicier, and don’t become tough and dry when cooked cut chicken in 3cm cubes for the marinade egg white half an egg (15g), dark soy sauce 15g chinese cooking wine 10g (optional) pepper ½ tsp crush 2g ginger, 2g garlic, 3g salt baking soda 1 pinch (for crispiness), cornflour 12g pour half over the chicken; we’ll use the other half in step 7 marinate chicken until you prep and cook the sauce (about 30 mins) onions 75g, 3cm squares capsicum 50g, 3cm squares ginger 5g, finely chopped garlic 5g, finely chopped green chillies 10g, cut on the bias spring onions for garnish (optional) the sauce cooks very fast, in under 5 minutes prep everything beforehand dark soy sauce 8g, light soy sauce 8g chinese cooking wine 10g (optional), vinegar 10g tomato ketchup 20g, red chilli sauce 15g salt 2g, pepper 1 tsp msg 1 pinch chicken stock 75g keep sauce solution ready before you start cooking make a thick, smooth slurry of ½ tsp cornflour and 1 tsp water cornflour helps thicken the sauce, but too much can ruin the taste before you begin get the pan as hot as you can—we will cook on high heat keep everything (veggies, sauces, slurry) within arm’s reach—the sauce will cook very fast, in under 5 minutes heat 20g vegetable oil dried red chillies onions & capsicum fry on high heat 20g sugar caramelise sugar for 1 minute to get the gorgeous, sticky sauce we associate with chilli chicken green chillies & ginger: fry for 30 seconds fry garlic for 30 seconds; don’t let it brown sauce solution when it comes to a boil add cornflour slurry turn off the heat—we’ll come back to the sauce later to coat the chicken cornflour ¼ cup (30g), plain flour (maida) ¼ cup (30g) salt 3g, baking powder ¼ tsp (for crispiness) add the second half of the marinade we reserved in step 2 mix until flour resembles breadcrumbs in texture toss 3–4 pieces of chicken at a time press cornflour mixture onto the chicken dust off excess deep fry in hot oil (170°C) toss to fry evenly, until golden heat up the sauce and add the chicken we breaded and fried the chicken last so that it remains crisp when served OPTIONAL: finish with chilli oil spring onions serve immediately, before the chicken goes soggy! bengali fried rice (link in description)


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