Nutri Ninja Recipe – The Incredible Hulk Juice with Banana, Kale & Coconut Water

Hey guys, Sam and Ben here from the acai brothers and today we’re making you the incredible hulk One big ingredient we’re actually gonna introduce today is kale, so kale is one of the most densest, nutrient densest foods on the planet It’s also the most worlds best renowned for vitamin K I don’t know when you chopped that up to be honest, that’s actually impressive The ninja brings the ninja out in me Ok that’s awesome So first off we’ve got our actual coconut water, we only need about 200ml of coconut water in this nutri shot And one stalk of kale please I’m gonna add the lemon and leave the skin on which is awesome awesome about the nutri ninja it actually will blend this up with the actual skin on I’m just gonna chuck in a date as well, just to add some sweetness to the nutri shot I’m only gonna need half a banana in this actual smoothie Awesome, just gonna add another, as a source of greenery which is our spinach Beautiful for our muscles

We’ve got our parsley here as well, a leaf is about perfect Final ingredient we just need our ice so we’re gonna dump this in, I won’t put it on too tight because Sam has issues undoing the lid sometimes so That’s why we’re making the incredible hulk, to increase muscles Well done Sam Thank you Look at all these beautiful green ingredients That’s awesome, and that’s the awesome thing about the nutri ninja as well, it’s got all these, we got whole lemons going in there with the skin on it, We’ve got all these awesome greenery going in there, it’s gonna blend it up and keep all the nutrients within our smoothie We already feel leaner healthier and stronger already And that’s the thing, look at how smooth that is as well, nutri ninja doing its job Perfect That is our incredible hulk smoothie


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