Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – Easy Cabbage Recipes

This is Lyle with no hippie barbecue let me make it today they're going to be some Stuffed cabbage rolls this is a recipe that I've just kind of thought and we're just going to throw this stuff together anyway should be simple should be tasty come on in and take a look at these ingredient ingredients for stuffed cabbage in the description below but here's what we need it I have the cabbage i coordinate and then I just put it in about one inch of water and steamed it then I took the leaves off we have a Bunyan's cilantro garlic hat green chili peppers now this is the brand I usually buy this frozen it like Walmart I get mine at a Mexican store but that's been juiced green chile we have some rice we're going to be seasoning it with salt pepper garlic a little bit of cumin and we have once pound of ground pork now we're going to be making a sauce with this where our sauce we're going to need a little bit of canola oil and pull milk some in some flour so what we're going to do with this and we're going to use half the cilantro in the mixture in our meat mixture half in the sauce and the same thing with the green chili peppers anyway let's get thrown this together this is a very simple recipe first thing we're going to do is we're going to add our onions and I'm going to kind of serve some of this stuff just to see what it looks like like it says this is kind of my first time making us go back to LA truly here our jar half of our three children and alright let's give this the start of people we're looking like know if this mixture looks good to me let's go ahead get in with our hands all right you got this all to incorporate together in the hood is a tower seasoning too and this again it just salt pepper garlic use whatever you want and whatever quantity she won on that and then we're going with some cumin and I'm just like awful best way to cook before we start working on these cabbage leaves let's go ahead and get this sauce made so right now I have some oil heating up we're going to throw some flour in there and we're going to cook this down for about a minute until it gets that flour taste out of it about a minute let's go ahead and pour in our milk we're going to go ahead and stir that in and now we're going to also go ahead and add our the rest of our chili peppers and our cilantro we get that long stem over there or you go ahead and stir this in now this is going to thicken up now that this Foster had a chance to thicken up we're going to go ahead and season it with a little bit of salt pepper and garlic remove it from the heat and let it cool down a little bit the top come down a little bit the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to lay it thin layer of this top down in this casserole dish we're a minute set aside now we're just going to take this meat mixture and start adding it to these cabbage Leafs leaves we're just going to roll them up and set them in a casserole dish see inside them all right I'm going to go ahead and throw this in the oven at 350 degrees actually you know what before I throw it in the oven I need to throw some of that sauce on top I must have been losing my mind let's go ahead and get some of that deliciousness on there all right 350 degrees we're going to go for 45 minutes so this is a real time for me to see if this experiment worked out I have to say that this right here is a bomb no jokin try this recipe I'm gonna have everything in the description any modifications I made things like that but this right here is the it you can get all that too long through all that green chili flavor the softest band anywhere I love thank you so much okay see BBQ appreciate it How To Make Stuffed Cabbage Rolls


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