GREEK YOGURT Mashed Potatoes Recipe – Cooking Americana (episode 2)

Hi my name is Dianne Linderman I get the rare opportunity to tavel the country, teaching people how to make simple healthy and decadent recipes

Living on a ranch in Texas my life is always an adventure I'm an award-winning writer, serial entrepreneur, culinary genius, radio host and an all-american mom Join me each week to watch my show Cooking Americana where I promise to inspire you to cook, laugh, and dream while I prepare simple healthy and delicious recipes Today momma's going to be making creamy homestyle mashed potatoes that are simple and healthy addition to any family meal Welcome to Cooking Americana my name is Dianne Linderman and I'm going to show you how to make some incredibly simple and delicious recipes from my years of on the road and my incredibly famous restaurant on a six-acre organic farm so what I've done is I've actually simplified cooking today we're going to make mashed potatoes and I'm going to show you how to make them healthy can you believe mashed potatoes healthy there is a such thing here's is two ingredients I've got red potatoes and what we've done we did not peel these all we did was boil them to they are actually the cracked stage like that whoop there they go haha I'm gonna get that because that's clean so this that's all you do you just make sure that they're you know that you can squish them in your hands and that's about as good as mashed potatoes because you don't want too squishy you don't want to leave them in the water too long because they'll actually get water inside of them and they'll start to get all mushy red potatoes happened to do that probably worse than any other potato ok we're going to use 2 sticks of butter this is not sour cream this is Greek yogurt is very high in protein why you can use low-fat if you want but why because we're putting to be half a pound of butter in it alright so what we're going to do we're going to go ahead and put my butter in it and i'll show you how to take care of this problem in a minute all right and now we're going to do is I'm going to take about I don't know about a cup to a cup and a half of my Greek yogurt this is how simple this is we're going to put a little bit of pepper and I'm going to put a little bit of just plain salt sometimes I use garlic salt alright Here's here's my favorite tool that I've ever owned in my life now you have to be really careful because if you over-stir these there's gluten in red potatoes and it actually will turn into a giant rubber ball so you have to just basically use this is like a squisher and you just get it all mixed up sometimes you have to finish it off with a with a potato masher but I like doing it like this verse because I get my butter in there and you got to make sure your potatoes are very hot okay looks good doesn't it smell it smells so good we're all hungry and here we're going to be devouring these in a few minutes my next recipe I'm going to be making after this you'll have to watch the second episode to today's in i'm going to be making a cheaters barbecued ribs and cheaters BBQ chicken which this goes really well with so make sure you find that episode and washes so you can have an entire meal you have to be very careful because this can turn into rubber but i'm going to finish this off with my favorite tool my other favorite tool that is less certain already ok a simple whisk because once you get your potatoes to a point like this you basically can use this to cut them all up ok and then I do kind of the old you can use a potato masher if you like but this works just really good for me because once i get it all chopped up then I simply stir it is drop everything this is a kitchen you know ok now does not look yummy will start look good okay i just take that out of there like that and this is all ready to consume hope you're all hungry because i know i am alright here we go ready to stir with a spoon and ready to plate up now I do like to have my mashed potatoes a look with a little bit chunks in it a lot of people don't they like it really creamy but you have to add a lot a lot of butter to that house that looking to y'all ready to come to my house to eat dinner thank you for watching make sure you check out my youtube channel and subscribe because we have great recipes everything is super simple and also make sure you get my cookbooks all my recipes are both my cookbooks everything that matters in the kitchen and kids can cook thanks for listening till the next episode we'll see you later


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