Greek Style Tortilla Wraps (Vegetarisches Rezept/Vegetarian Recipe) || [ENG SUBS]

Homemade Greek Style Tortilla Wraps All ingredients & quantitative data are listed & linked in the infobox below Welcome to a new video

in today's video I show you a quick and easy delicious Greek Style Tortilla Wrap recipefirst we need a dough for the tortilla wrapswith a total of only 4 ingredientsgive the ingredients into a mixing bowl500 grams of flour, 230 milliliters of water, 70 milliliters of oil and 1 teaspoon of salt

knead using a food processor or your hands for about 4 – 5 minutesuntil smooth and softonce the all dough residues has loosen from the bowl wall the dough is perfectgive the dough onto the countertopand halve it centrally

then cut each half into 4 equal sized pieceswith circular movemnets under your pamls form small ballsthen slightly flour the countertopturn the dough balls into the flour and flatten them slightlyget a rolling pin and roll out until thin and flat

turn the dough sheet from time to timeso we got a beautiful round dough sheetfinally pull apart the dough sheets with circular movements under your palmsuntil you got the size of your choicethen heat up a large frying pan without adding oil or grease

you should preheat the pan before adding the dough sheetsdo not add the sheets into a cold panas soon as the flatbread begins to bubble (after 1 minute)turn the dough sheet onceand bake another minute from the other side until done

stack the finished tortilla wraps one above anotherand cover with a damp kitchen towelso they do not become hard and brittle and you can roll it betterthen set asidenext halve ½ cucumber lengthwise

and scrape out the seeds using a spoonthen coarsely grate using a graternext press a clove of garlic to the cucumber raspnext 2 cups of Greek cream yogurt

the juice of ½ lime, a dash of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of chopped dilland ½ teaspoon of salt and a pinch of freshly ground peppermix using a spoonthen set asidefor the vegetable filling dice the remaining cucumber

cut bell peppers into thin stripsdice the tomatoescut olives into thin slicescut red onion into thin stripsand finally cut Iceberg lettuce into very thin strips

give all ingredients except the Iceberg lettuce into a mixing bowladd crumbled feta cheese and mix gentlythen spread a tortilla wrap with a few tablespoons of tzatzikisauceline the middle with Iceberg lettuceand top the salad with some vegetable fillingthen roll upby folding inwards the right side of the wrap around 2 centimetersand then fold the lower side over the fillingand roll up

making sure that the edge of the back does not shift when rolling and the tortilla is rolled up tightlythen serve the wraps

or store them in the fridgeuntil neededI wish you lots of fun cooking & see you next video!


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