Loukoumades (Greek Doughnuts) Vegan avec sous-titres français

Hi YouTube! How are you today? I thought of doing something sweet Popeye means hello So good and sweet a street snack we call "loukoumades" it's donuts but we call them "lou-kou-ma-des" Say it with me so we sell them in the street do not confuse them with the other type of "loukoumades" which are small balls bathed in oil who eat with honey But we are going to do the vegan version that is, the donuts we find on the street Very-very simple to do and delicious! Let's go to the kitchen! Look! We need very few ingredients We need just two cups of flour A little vanilla extract 2/3 cup warm water a tablespoon of yeast 1/3 cup of sugar A little bit of salt and 1/3 cup of olive oil Put the two cups of flour in a bowl with yeast and sugar Mix all this and make a small hole in the middle like a volcano crater and in there pour the water olive oil and a little bit of salt I forgot! also a teaspoon of vanilla extract Mix all this with your own hands Add a little flour if necessary so that it does not stick to the fingers and we'll leave this pretty dough aside until it doubles in volume in a warm place At this point I would like to mention Jason Pizzino because he was in Greece for a long time Take a look at his channel! He has been to Greece lately and I think he was eating loukoumades almost every day I may be exaggerating In any case it inspired me to make this video We are going to spread the dough not too finely we want it to be at least one centimeter thick Now we will use a very elaborate and professional tool We will use that to cut like this Then with a smaller thing, like the cap of a bottle we put it in the middle and we support and we remove the party around and we put it on the oven dish the same thing with the dough that remains We are again at one centimeter thick and we start again At the end you have such a thing This little one is a bonus What do you want Popeye? You leave them for 5 minutes and then, normally we would have fried them But I will not do that! I'm just going to the leather in the oven I do not want to fry them They have already started to rise in the oven Keep them well away from each other as they rise during cooking Yes! Yes it's great! So they are golden they are very soft Now that they are hot and soft we will water them with water then apply sugar generously just crystallized sugar and when I say "generously", it means generously at least one cup of sugar and you have to do it on both sides Now my favorite part apparently also the favorite part of Popeye the taste test Oh God! Hallelujah! It's fantastic! Very good! Very good! Try it absolutely I was scared that by putting them in the oven Yes Popeye, you will that it would not be the same But it's so good! So this is it! Greek donuts High in carbohydrate Medium in lipids Baked Extremely delicious Yes Popeye, you will So! Do not forget to like the video, subscribe, and watch the following video, which is: "the accent challenge"! I can not wait for this video Right away! Hello!


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