it is indeed of great pleasure to present to you at this particular time a bizarre weird wild and explosive new series I am pleased to give you freestyle Friday welcome back to another freestyle Friday new intro video so that's yeah that's that's what I've come up with I would love your advice or opinion or if you're an editor hit me up I'll send you that footage and you can smooth it over a little bit I agree it needs a little bit of you know finesse but for now that's the intro so welcome back everybody to another freestyle Friday super super excited about this recipe as I said in a few recipes go this is something I've actually been dabbling with playing around with cream cheese holy smokes cream cheese is absolutely amazing and guys wait till you try this recipe I have it's tofu total guilt-free literally Bec and I have been smearing this on everything it makes everything better I think the government should get involved and make this a mandatory staple within your home because honestly it is just a quick way to get protein and it just makes everything creamy and delicious so stay tuned you're gonna want to try this one get locked okay if your mom's calling hang up the phone let's focus on the next ten minutes of bliss first thing you'll need is an extra firm pack of tofu and we're gonna drain out all of this water we don't want any of this water going into our cheese we're gonna take our paper towel start with an initial pat down we're on a budget here at chai wallah so we're using like this trash brown paper towel but if you've got some of that extra absorbent this would have been a great video to integrate with sponge towel or you know one of the big guys you know because that's what you really need here this does not do a very good job and now I'm actually gonna cut this down right in half and I'm dead dad that out see how wet that is you can basically swim right there no yeah I know I'm sneeze I hate this paper towel it's so dry on the nose as you move it's like on the tofu so now that we got that in half I'm just gonna dab it again this is a freestyle Friday first okay we're both we're pulling out a different appliance plants appliance I've tried it multiple times with the blender not fun not a fun experience you got to really get in there with the blade and keep turning around press it onto the blade fire it up for one second then unplug it and it's just it takes too long so we've also board this from chai wallah this is a s blade blender from the 1920s that my mom often terminated the chai wall it works great the size of this motor is in despicably massive so very worried no the lip is totally broken on it so we actually have to hold you'll see off the hold of spoon and my dad went out and bought me a new one but it's trash like the new things they don't make them as strong so we've stuck with old Betty here read instructions before using never done though we're gonna start with the tofu we can just break that right into the blender screaming nice and dry I mean it's still gonna have like a little bit of moisture to it but for the most part scummy nice and dry we're gonna start with a couple cloves of garlic I'm doing this much one two three four and a half four and half fresh lemon very important don't get that from concentrate bs looking for you know a few tablespoons here we don't need to measure it but I like it extra lemony so I might do a little more than that this recipe is really simple and I find it very forgiving as well so I'm doing a few tablespoons there I was like one full lemon I like it a little bit more lemony but once again you'll be able to taste it and develop those flavors as you wish I'm gonna add a little bit of extra garlic powder more garlic yeah baby you've got a teaspoon some salt fifteen shakes can't go anywhere without my black pepper we're also gonna add a little bit of coconut oil so I'm just gonna melt that down about a tablespoon and the reason you're melting that is just to help it mix otherwise it might just stay together in clump it's not gonna take long so just keep an eye on that once a half of it starts to melt you can even show off the heat a little bit of a CV couple tablespoons that's it the rest we're gonna add in a minute so as I mentioned ya little pin you got to kind of Jimmy a little bit and then hold the lid at the same time there it is I can tell already how beautiful that is compared to the blender this is the right tool for the job want that to be really really smooth okay that was probably like two minutes of a solid blend I'm just gonna have a look we're missing something a little more lemon and they don't think I put enough salt like it has a little bit of grain to it but just wait until we throw in the herbs and let it rest in the fridge for a few hours boom it's gonna be amazing I'm actually just gonna mix it right in here because you know dishes now we're gonna add the herbs this is where you're really gonna start to get those flavors definitely going to use green onion fun fact about green and it actually grows off of the bulb of the onion I'm also gonna add a dill a little bit of dill and basil I love those bases it's about a teaspoon that's basil same with dill I'm just using dried if you have fresh that's fantastic time for that now I probably should have said this at the beginning of the video guys but if you're rushing out to grocery store buying all these and grades being like I'm gonna make those right now you do need to let this rest in the fridge don't even try it without resting in the fridge I'm sure you guys will but when you rest it in the fridge you will notice that's when you're gonna get that real flavor nice and cold and so I would recommend at least 4 to 5 hours one green onion here nice big one chop off the top and the till you can rinse it first all that around me personally I like it hot so I went ham on the garlic but if you like a little bit less I pull back Oh to use half the amount I used I'm gonna go ahead throw this in a bowl and go right into the fridge so now we got the cream cheese we can call up mom and say hey mom put the bagels in the toaster cream cheese bagels everything bagels whatever kind of bagels you like boom I wouldn't go cinnamon raisin you can that I think that's a weird combo but to each his own today I'm keeping it classic this is something that Beck and I used to have all the time you know a quick easy whip up you can bring this for lunch tomorrow it's just a sandwich you guys ever heard of sandwiches now I know you're probably thinking Eamonn what the truck this recipe is so simple you even get into it enough but hold the phone hello what I was trying to say is this recipe is just a quick sandwich that we're making because we're hungry but you can use this cream cheese for anything you want the other day I made a beet tomato lettuce salad with like droplets of this beet of the cream cheese holy I felt like I was at a five-star restaurant is unbelievable so my bread is done we're gonna start with a little bit of pea shoot a little elbow cucumber and tomate always got a black pepper and salt your tomatoes got our beautiful cream cheese I'm gonna just take a little bit of that Oh smear that on I'm going nice and thick too now the crazy part about this guy's is I'll probably need a never eat hummus again because this is the new industry standard this is high in protein and delicious AF so you just all have done is like a boring boring boring no longer boring as soon as you add this to your sandwich it's like wow that's the best sound I've ever had I'm just gonna go on top like that boom have a look at that how much would you pay for that back I'd probably pay like $899 for that sandwich we ain't they'll probably do it I don't know how to describe hoppy I'm this this changes the game of the vegan sandwich because it's not you know usually you'd want to do something protein wise do you understand what I'm excited I am and what I'm trying to say here it's too much garlic it's super garlic you don't put that much garlic in it that was crazy but the flavor garlic powder it's heavy on the garlic it burns a little bit I mean I'm digging it obviously but you guys need to try this recipe I'll try it I'll try it bomb comrade heavy garlic please tag me and your pics show me how you're making it show me what you're putting it on I really think if you ever come over to my house this will always be in the fridge because it's so easy I don't know how long it's gonna last for probably two to three days for sure but I'll probably test that out next time you I might even double the batch I hope you guys like this video if you did please smash that thumbs up subscribe to our channel we post new videos every single Friday comment below what do you think of my outfit today how did you like the recipe if you don't know we have a podcast it's awesome we just did a whole episode about veganism and our vegan story and how we got here if you want to give that a listen we'll leave a link below and we'll link to our Facebook group as well to see you on the internet friends stay hungry


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