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What's up world! We are in "Para Llevar" And today we are going to do Sopes Traditional mexican meal the first that we have to do Is the mass You can do it with water And corn flour But it's easier to get some from the tortillería (place where you buy tortillas) it is easier In fact with this mass Tortillas are made And sopes, also At least in my house In my family are super Traditional My grandmother also made them My mom makes them And I know how to do them If you buy it from tortillería, put a little bit of water on it To make it wet And knead easier and good The idea is to take a ball More or less like this one And then knead it (even more) good

That way How big are you going to do yours? Are you going to make a "Picaditas" Yours are that mine are like that (of that size) I like the sopes "Slim" We have just forgotten But put the comal to heat meanwhile you do this Here are two ways sticks on the board Crush the dough Until it is thin, And then put it in the comal that way with the machine you can get the form Of the sope, "The perfect sope" And already flat And now you just pinch it Aaah! It's called "Press" It's the tortilla's press Yes, there are two surfaces And you crush your mass And there's a perfect circle Yes Yes Yes And then, you start with the rest But this is how else more by hand right? No, it's also hand work with the other machine the other Less industrial It works the same, Chio already I'm just trolling you But right now I'm having flashbacks from my childhood I was playing with this Me too, I was really angry because I always told my grandmother wait for me To make the sopes Because I was coming from the school Then my grandmother went ahead And I got angry Why didn't you wait for me !? I liked playing with the mass The idea of ​​the sope Is that it remains as one Casserole type So then you can Put beans And everything you like it has to be like a container Exact! In fact there is a story Because this food is pre-Hispanic Then it is assumed that The Toltecs made bags And they put deer flesh on them But as the textile bags were broken They did like these type of containers Of corn And thus they could mantain the meat To carry it Well, that's the story / legend Blessed corn sometimes I have sopes for breakfast on weekends These are good mexican skills "How to make sopes" The next step is now Pinching the sopes The secret here is to have a base on something And make the exterior part I make it hot Look! 🙂 I do not know how Chio can do it in hot the trick she have experience! The truth, I'll wait for them to cool down a little bit Andy is right They look prettier when they are thin Since we have them like this An extra step would be to put them To fry with oil But if you want to save some calories can also eat them like this Good The third part Is to add the beans And everything you want to put it You can add Mince, chicken Steak or some stew you can add you can add "Mole" I've never tried them I do like them I just eat them with beans, cream cheese And molcajete sauce it's very cute, very handsome

Andy's is sad XD Is not sad I did not want to put lettuce I did put lettuce in it And salsa And beans, not cheesse nor cream It's time for the truth very good I want more! In fact I'm going to put more salsa You see I told you your's was sad can I tell you how many chiles I put to that sauce? six And does not itch There were also sad Or you were in a good mood they say When you are angry your food stings more good you already know If you want to make sopes This is the way I will not describe how it tastes Because you have to try it tastes like sope, right? in some places They are called "Picadita" Or "Pellizcadas" Well I'm almost finished with my sope so Subscribe like our video Share share COMPARTAN And show us the photo of your sopes Wait! You got stuck 🙁 Is already recording So whatever you say I can use it against you Well, we're back and But we did not leave!


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