Italian Inspired Meals & Recipes – Quorn Revelations Day 3 | Quorn

-Oh, it sounds lovely -Yeah, it does, doesn't it? Oh, I love lasagne! -Lovely

I look forward to trying that -This is really tasty I would probably eat 11 of them This is fabulous Thank you

-They have got lots of garlic in this -It tastes good Yeah, I can taste a lot of garlic Is yours good? That is definitely a mindblower This looks really tasty

Save me the crispy bit The sauce is really good -Wow -Very nice This food makes me smile

-I knew it -That was Quorn? That's surprising What was your favourite? Oh, I can guess! Yeah, the lasagne Did it taste different to you? Yeah, it tasted completely different to the one that we buy at the garage


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Budget Cooking

Like Soup? Drop fat….

Budget Cooking


Budget Cooking

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