Welcome to the first Sexy Funny Kitchen QUICK! RAPIDINHAS are the recipes of the most famous foods in the world, suggested by you and made by us, The worst cooks around here And the first Rapidinha video comes from Greece! Yes, we are making the most famous Greek dish, MOUSSAKA! Do not you say "mouzaka" in Greek is "MUSSAKA" Yes, repeat with me: MU SSA KA! Very well, that's how they say it, and I'm very proud to have figured it out! Moussaka, what is it? If you like lasagna you will love Moussaka This all started when the Arabs brought the eggplants to Greece, they used the eggplants, put them in layers, gathered meat and covered with béchamel sauce and made this fantastic "comfort food" that has two secret ingredients, that we have to use, otherwise, it is not a Moussaka

First, the nutmeg They have to grate a lot of nutmeg The second one is cinnamon In fact, in the video we did not show the soup spoon that we added, of cinnamon powder, but they should do so Now the fun part is putting it all together

They are layers First add the layer of chips, then layer of eggplant, then the meat, the parsley, then the eggplant again, just watch the video Then it ends with the béchamel sauce, and the parmesan cheese never arrives Now, the moment of "food porn", let me show you 45 minutes in less than 5 seconds Here we go

Good! So good! I can remember when we were trying Look at this Look at this! Look at this slice of Moussaka! Look at this slice of MoussaKA! It's literally Greek love in a bite We can not wait for TOMORROW to see the NEW SEXY FUNNY KITCHEN episode, because we're going to re-create this recipe from Moussaka, in a unique way See you Friday, and every Thursday! For more famous food, in a RAPIDINHA


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