Best Tzatziki Sauce Recipe …Greek cucumber yogurt dressing

chef buck here manipulating the camera because they don't have a camera girl but I am making camera girl's dinner I can't show it to you because it would spill out of this bowl I guess I couldn't show it to you like this boom some tzatziki sauce which is a Greek style cucumber yogurt dressing it's got some garlic lots of herbs in there very easy to make it's a fantastical accompaniment to a Greek style dinner you know really kind of meal where you're going to have a lot of fresh veggies you know if you just want to slice up some carrots and some bell peppers and scoop these up or some pita chips you know use it in a salad as a dressing use it on a lamb burger or hamburger as a topping you know just use it just like this here is a dip however you want to use it it's just a great accompaniment to meal so let's throw it together let's check it out boom check it out I like to use an English cucumber or hothouse cucumber or even Japanese cucumbers which you can get what your even smaller and you can use a couple of those but I like these because they're very flavorful the skin is thin so you can just eat the skin if you want although I'll peel it because for tzatziki sauce I like to peel my cucumber but you don't have to seed it or anything like that but first things first we're gonna peel it alright so now I've peeled most of it boom and I cut off one end I'm not going to use this whole cucumber for my tzatziki sauce I'm going to take a little bit of it and I'll just slice this with the skin on and I use it as part of my garnish or in my meal and then this part right here that I have peeled I'll go ahead and grate boom and you can blend it if you want you can throw it in a food processor but this works actually better I think and once we graded the cucumber you can see the water puddling down here around it you know so we want to set it aside and let it drain for a little bit to get some of this water content out I'm going to give it a quick chop here to make the pieces a little bit smaller but I want to see now and chunky I like a tzatziki sauce that has a little bit of texture I don't want it to be so liquidy creamy that it doesn't have any chunky chunks in it I got a little bowl here and I got a strainer I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to take my cucumber and I'm just going to set that in the bowl here and let it drip into this bowl for a bit I'm gonna go ahead and throw some salt in here because we're going to want to add salt to our dish anyone and this salt will help to draw out some of the water so we'll go ahead and mix it up in our strainer that salt worked around in it I mean getting the water out of cucumber is really key to a super tzatziki sauce Todd's a key sauce Ziqi sauce whatever you want to call it because you don't want it to be weak you don't want it to be overly thin you wanted to have some nice body we're going to use a nice thick Greek yogurt we're using some nice chunky pieces of cucumber but we don't want water you know we're going to be adding lemon juice you can use a little bit of a wine vinegar if you want you know so that's going to thin it out a little bit but you don't want it thinned out with water you don't want watery tzatziki sauce so definitely take a little time to do this step right here so we're going to set this aside let it drain while we get our other ingredients ready alright so I'm using some plain Greek yogurt you want to you want to use a Greek yogurt a nice thick hearty luxurious Greek yogurt boom about two cups you know about two cups and so you know this doesn't have to be an exact science we're not baking anything you don't Steve Stephen Hawking you don't steed Stephen Hart you don't need Stephen Hawking sitting next year telling you the exact mathematical equivalence just feel it in your heart dude we're gonna get some garlic use like three to four cloves you want to be super fun just like Jackie Brown throw your final enhanced garlic in there alrighty now I got a dinky do lemon and I'm gonna zest this lemon I'm going to use all the zest I'm going to use all the juice but this is super small you know if it's a big lemon you might just want to use half but lemon zest adds such a great flavor adds a nice little bit of color get your zest minced up SuperDuper fine just like you did with the garlic throw that a little bit of zest in there now we'll take our lemon we'll go ahead and we'll use all the juice use your a little strainer so you don't get the seeds in there and if you don't want to use lemon or you don't have a fresh lemon just use some white wine vinegar this garlic in this lemon just going to add a great flavor now we're going to throw some herbs in there and you can use whatever kind of herbs you want you know dill is kind of a classic choice for us as ikki sauce you know if you don't have dill you can use parsley you can use a little bit of mint I happen to have dill parsley and mint you know you can just use one kind you can use a combination you know have a nice thick Greek yogurt straining your cucumber so that's not too watering and then using some fresh herbs you know all those all those components together are going to come together to make your a tzatziki sauce really special now we're going to add it into our yogurt mixture there all right so now we can get our cucumber mixture look how much water we got out of there and now I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to press down on this here and get a little bit more and now if we hadn't done that you put all this water and your xyzzy key thumbs that was just thin it up too much you know but we'll go ahead and press as much water out of here as we can and if you wanted to you could put this in a towel and like a dish towel and squeeze it out but I just hate doing that all right I think that's pretty good we'll go ahead and put our cucumber flesh into our Zeki sauce now we've already got some salt on the cucumber Batman a little bit more salt may add a little bit of black pepper and then I got a little bit of a extra virgin olive oil I'm going to throw a little bit of that in there just stir it up get everything incorporated now we've got some nice chunky monkey tzatziki sauce you know I think that's a tasting pretty good right now but it's a long way from tasting fantastic oh it's going to take a few hours you know at least two hours maybe three hours I'm going to cover it up put it in the fridge give the time for those flavors to coalesce and commingle so that it can reach its greatest Zazi key potential all righty so I had this in the fridge for almost four hours so it's SuperDuper flavorful now you know it'll be even more flavorful tomorrow cooked up some lamb balls boom with a little garlic and the fennel stuff it into my little pita pocket with my tzatziki sauce gonna shove a tomato in man so they don't get lonely you know we got feta cheese kalamata olives we got hummus camera girl made a few days ago you know some fresh veggies you can use your tzatziki sauce as a dip you know super easy to make you know go ahead and get this recipe tribe and let us know what you think and Bon Appetit and if you want to print it you know go to my food channel com you can print all our recipes there I have the recipe written out below if you want to take a look at it there but thanks for checking out all the videos and subscribe you know if you're a Facebook or Twitter type person you know you don't have to follow me on that kind of stuff did I uh anywho how that's because I'm full you know I mean I'm in lounge in mode now I almost forgot about this part we just started eating and almost almost didn't get any any video of the tzatziki tzatziki have I'm insane wrong all done


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