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Hey, everyone, it's Sacha Strebe here, editorial director of MyDomaine, and I am beyond thrilled to introduce Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest today We're superfans

Welcome Thank you I’m so excited to be here So today, tell us a little bit about what we're going to cook So we are making a recipe out of my new cookbook, and it is the Thai coconut veggie curry, and this recipe is super easy, super delicious, and pretty healthy too

So we are gonna start with our crunchy chickpeas, and these go on top of the curry, and they just kind of give you a texture, a little bit of flavor, and some crunch to it, and they also have great protein If you wanted to double the recipe, these make a really great snack I'm also just gonna add about a cup of raw cashews Not salted? Not salted because we're gonna add salt Okay

I have the oven set at 425 degrees, and then all we do is add a little olive oil, a little honey for sweetness, and a pinch of cayenne And the thing about the cayenne is you can go as happy or as light as you want on it, and then a good pinch of salt here I'm just gonna toss these up with my hands and make sure all of these ingredients are evenly distributed So my mom always used to say when you put your hands in while you're cooking the food that you're putting your love into the food You know, your hands are your best tools

These are gonna go into the oven for 20 to 30 minutes, and just don't forget to toss them half way through The nexts step is the vegetables—very pretty part We have some broccoli and some carrots here—a little bit of lemongrass, some fresh ginger, and garlic I also like to throw in some red bell peppers as well They had a really nice color and flavor

Whenever I'm developing recipes, I always like to think about what colors are going into it or how it's also gonna look presentation-wise because, I mean, I don't know, I eat with my eyes, and I feel like most people do too So I just cut them into, you know, like, small slices about, I don't, know forth it, forth an inch thick or so I'm just gonna cut this broccoli into florets here get rid of the big stems People always ask me how you cut a bell pepper, and the way my dad always showed how to do it was, less waste So I just cut around the stem like this instead of getting, so then you don't lose so much of the pepper

Our next ingredients that we're gonna need for this curry are some garlic and ginger And the way I like to cut ginger is I just kind of break a knob off We need about a 1-inch piece of ginger here For the garlic, you need two, but feel free to add more if you love garlic, and then we've got some lemongrass here, which adds a really nice kind of light flavor to it, and it makes it very Thai And then we have all of our ingredients set, and I think it's time to head to the stove

Oh, I'm excited And start cooking this curry I'm gonna turn the stove on to about medium heat We want to get a nice sizzle on those vegetables, but we don't want it too high And then, Sasha, if you want to add some coconut oil to the pan, we're gonna use coconut oil to cook our curry today

So how much coconut oil would you like We just need about a tablespoon, which is a spoonful So we are just gonna kind of let this melt a little bit, and when the coconut oil kind of sizzles, we’ll add those vegetables We kind of want to let these sit for a second here more or so, and then I'm going to stir them because we want to get, like, a caramelization on the vegetables It really brings out the sweetness in them—makes them really delicious

If you want a little bit of a crunch, yeah, right when you're eating, right? I like to cook them like five to eight minutes All right, um, we have some bigger pieces of broccoli here, so maybe a little bit longer You want to get that caramelization on there Oh, so that's what you mean by caramelization Right, right

So these are looking, I don't know, pretty good I think that we can add in our garlic, ginger, and lemongrass now Okay, and I really like to add these once the vegetables have been kind of already cooking for a little bit because you don't want to burn any of the garlic or ginger, and we want to cook those probably for about 30 seconds to a minute, just until they start to smell fragrant and you can really smell, like, this delicious smell You want to add the curry paste here? I have some Thai red curry paste in this recipe s there a particular brand that you like to use more than others? You know, I always buy Thai Kitchen's brand

It seems like it's easily available to everybody Yeah, I think that’s the one I use too And they have it all over the place—Whole Foods, grocery stores The reason I like to add the curry paste into the vegetables before we add any liquid is it kind of reactivates the flavors in the curry paste and brings it back to life because we're taking it out of a jar You want to add some heat to it and get those flavors back up to where they should be

So I think now though we're ready to add our coconut milk Sacha just added some soy sauce, and you need about a tablespoon for this recipe You can go a little heavy, a little light, whatever you like I like to use a reduced-sodium soy sauce because I always find that soy sauce is super salty It really is

So I am just gonna stir this all together here We're gonna add some chili paste now, and you want to add about a tablespoon And then that is it Our curry is basically done We just kind of want to let it simmer, let those vegetables get a little bit more cooked and tender, and the sauce will also thicken as well So this really didn’t take that much time

No it really didn't, and the thing about curry is people love them, and they love to eat them, but they always look at the ingredient list and think, oh there's so many ingredients, but really if you just have a nicely stocked pantry with few staple ingredients like a curry paste and some soy sauce, you can make a great curry I think this curry looks great! Yeah I think it's, I think we're good to go and ready to kind of put our toppings on it Yum, it looks so good I’m so excited! Me too So I always like to serve curry over rice

Obviously rice is a great staple, and it usually goes with Thai food, but are there ever other ingredients you use as the base here? I love using a brown rice if you're going for something more whole grain or quinoa is really delicious too Also, love using rice noodles That's a really great option as well And then I like to spoon the curry over top Mhm

Make sure I get a lot of the sauce on there because that's kind of my favorite part So creamy Really pretty recipe, and so many colors happening That looks good We're gonna add those crunchy chickpeas that we made earlier, and then a little bit of mango, a little bit of pomegranate, and a squeeze of lime juice, and then finish it with some cilantro, and we’re ready to go

Okay great, so then we just put these over the top? Yeah If you want to sprinkle a few over top, that's great I love cashews on a Thai curry Oh yeah, cashews and Thai curry is delicious I’ve never done this with chickpeas before, but I feel like I buy them already like this, and it’s so easy to make them like this myself

And they add a protein to the dish you know, it isn’t just a vegetable dish, which is great, but it's nice to have that protein as well So I always add a few mango pieces and you know, do with the pomegranate Yeah, the pomegranate really adds that pop of color Oh, wow A little bit of cilantro, and I'm gonna slice a lime

And I think I’ll just put this on roughly I think roughly is fine So I’ll just pull it off and just sprinkle it over I love cilantro Me too

So I feel like I like it big and chunky like this, but I guess with those who don't, you can always do it finer I feel as though cilantro is a "you love it or you hate it" ingredient Yes, it's very polarizing Yes, if you hate cilantro, I highly recommend a Thai basil or even regular basil Those are great on this dish as well

Should we try it? Mmm, the sauce is just so good It's my favorite part The mango I can't get over it It's so good

It’s so good, and the veggies are cooked just right I can't wait to make this a staple at home, and if you want to too, the recipe's below this video, so please take a look and comment in this section as well to let us know if there's any other recipes work is to make Enjoy!


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