hello guys welcome to my channel and welcome today three of 30 days Keto summer transformation challenge I woke up today at 8 o'clock in the morning already starving probably didn't eat enough calories yesterday but I had so much work to do that I really didn't have a chance to grab a meal so it's almost 2 o'clock and I'm finally ready to break my fast so I'm gonna put together some real quick lunch so I just heat up some bratwurst we grow two days ago I have some sauerkraut with it I cooked two eggs and I have like a 1 cup of spinach and baby kale and a couple of cherry tomatoes and I can't wait to dig in I'm so starving guys YUM that was delicious I love these easy lunches when you just open the fridge and throw together some leftovers that's the best and the least amount of work I also made some keto bread rolls for Rob to take to work and I made him some tuna salad I just throw together some celery onion baby carrots 1 egg tablespoon of mayo and some salt and pepper well maybe Hiro send me a video of his lunch like he did yesterday we'll see hey guys it's Rob I had a little party at work it's one of our colleagues baby showers so it's Moana themed that's where I got my little late here so no I will not Hulu for you but I just wanted to show you what we were having for lunch I got my Kito bread to her sandwich and my side salad because lettuce and kale avocado tomato onion cucumber and I've been really going for the side salads pretty much every day to get my good fats my avocado and some leafy greens in that's what's for lunch now I'm gonna just sit on my caramel tee and I'm gonna do some more of work and I see you at snack time we want to hang out today and have some barbecue so I'm about to marinate some chicken just a quick a little easy homemade Marone which I usually make I use some olive oil about 2 tablespoons some buffalo sauce this has no carbs whatsoever so it's a great option to a barbecue sauce then I use some soy sauce and some garlic powder let's get up and here goes my chicken close up shake it a little bit put it in the fridge I'm just gonna let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours until we eat and I'm probably gonna just prepare a bunch of vegetable steamed in butter or something like that just to go with it very simple and easy where you're really taking advantage of this grilling season since we move into our fifth wheel we've really spent a lot of time outside with the dogs and we grill and we hang out and play the frisbee and stuff like that so we've really enjoy our little camping adventure hello Missy what would you like mommy has to work come on she wants to cuddle she's a big we got her five years ago yeah she's gonna be five now third girl oh where are you going my dog ouch ouch ouch my dog apparently thinks that she is a popper guy you are not you think so it's okay you can protect all pretend for you guys you completely forget yesterday about these chocolates I made this is how they look like old down popped out of the ice tray we forgot so we went for the cheesecake but Lisa I cannot happen today I guess it's time to have a dinner I'm skipping my snack today I wasn't really feeling hungry so I just started to have barbecue and I'm gonna steam some vegetables I've got mix of cauliflower and broccoli here I'm gonna steam it and then just put some Kerrygold buyer in it this will go in the ground ah steam so most important carryover about TSP and this is it I made some coleslaw I just mix it with a little bit of mayo and some salt and pepper mmm Conway to it guys the dinner casts me a little sweaty I got my little cuddle bun here with me for a little oh yeah I just wanted to show you our little awkwardly about it overdose at the dollar store but this is the only way how we keep track of taking every vitamin what are we taking on daily basis are we really trying to do I kind of suck at it sometimes but we taking a multivitamin we taking a coenzyme q10 we taking a calcium potassium and magnesium and me taking a collagen so sounds like a lot of pill with cannabis so I don't think it's nine o'clock so I don't think I'm gonna have any dessert I'm a snack on some pork rinds other log it in and you will see it in the description down below how many calories are actually aged today but let's not forget to do the most important thing today where's my banner so they three of our 30-day keto summer transformation challenge is done guys thank you for watching this video I hoped you liked it you can always give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe as we have another 27 days to go so you better don't miss it I'll see you tomorrow night


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