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Hey guys you're watching Cait Straight Up and I'm your host Caitlin and today I'm going to show you how to make it absolutely delicious chocolate lava cake in a pressure cooker and guess what this recipe it couldn't be freaking easier so if you're impressing a date this Christmas season or a husband significant other a best friend and in-law a mom pretty much anyone that you want to think you're freaking awesome go ahead and make them this delicious homemade chocolate lava cake so if you don't have one of these instant pot cookers or a pressure cooker at home I highly suggest you go get one I'm not just saying that I love my Cosori cooker I cooked chicken in it I cooked vegetables i cook rice everything under the Sun it just speeds up the process sometimes and it's awesome the food is really truly delicious that comes out of it he kind of looks like a robot I feel like he talks to me he's like a c2p2 Cosori the pressure cooker I don't know never mind whatever but the best part is is that if you are a baking amateur like me you could set it and forget it and your little partner over here is going to take care of the rest so we're getting started with 1/2 of a cup of some milk chocolate chips I have toll house here and we have 4 tablespoons of some room temperature butter or margarine that we're just gonna scoop in so then this next part is a little bit different and you might do some other baking recipes that you're actually gonna microwave this for about 20 seconds to 30 seconds so you're just gonna start blending together your six tablespoons of your flour your one cup of that chocolate that you melted together with your full stick of butter and just kind of blend it together so you start to get a batter type looking thing going on in your bowl after that you're adding one cup of confectioner's sugar so powdery so funny just kind of give it a nice blend as well and then the last ingredient that we're adding before we pour it into our dishes to go into our pressure cooker is three whole eggs you're just gonna add that in keep on blending there's no reason to take out any heavy mixers or anything like that just keep on blending and this dough will get where you want it to be after you get your batter nice and blended you're then gonna spray some cooking oil into your ramekins or whatever dish you're using you can use those nice little foiled dishes as well anything small in size and you're just gonna want to make sure that they're nice and oiled you want to be able to dump over these after they're cooked and dump your lava cake right out so you're just gonna want to fill up your ramekins and you're just gonna try to get it in as nicely as possible you want to fill them about 3/4 of the way up so not all the way to the top a little bit more than 3/4 actually as close to the top as you can go just right in there and then we're ready for our pressure cooker now it's time to get your chocolate lava cakes into your pressure cooker so you're gonna make sure that your interior cooking bowl is in and then you're gonna add 1 cup of water after that you're gonna place in your ramekins and you have to kind of maneuver them a little bit they all can fit if you have more go ahead and just stack them up once you got you ramekins inside we're going to secure our lid make sure it's locked and make sure our pressure valve is locked as well we're gonna cook these delicious molten chocolate lava cakes on manuall hi for about 9 minutes so again you just want to make sure that your cook time is right and that your pressure temperature is right that's very important when cooking with a pressure cooker so go ahead and just make sure that it's all set if you have a Casori like me it's gonna do this little thing where it jigger jaggers for a little bit and then it will let you know once it's ready to go and after those nine minutes in our pressure cooker your then gonna do a nice quick release and we have a beautiful chocolate molten lava cake that if we nicely greased our ramekins you should be able to just dump right out onto a plate now I don't have any vanilla ice cream on me but if I had some it would look pretty freakin fantastic right on top of this because watch and weep oh my god yes I'm for real yes we just made that and yes this tastes freaking oh it's gonna be really hot oh my god can you guys see that you are going to love it make sure you subscribe to Cait Straight Up for more fun recipes like this one every Tuesday find us on instagram make yourself this lava cake because it is to die for you will impress anybody you make it for I'm dying right now eating it it's so freaking fabulous I love you guys come back next time and I'll see you then bye bye


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