Spinach Dip Recipe with Greek Yogurt, Ranch Dressing

("Dio e Zingaro") – Hi everyone I'm Jerry James Stone and today's recipe is this delicious appetizer I'm gonna make a spinach dip

Now this isn't the hot spinach dip that has the artichoke hearts that you have with bread, this is just a regular chilled spinach dip, made with Greek yogurt, super tasty, very delicious, easy to make and a great little dip if you need something to dip veggies in or chips or whatever Anyway, let's get to it To make this spinach dip the first thing we're gonna start off with is some softened cream cheese Now add in, spinach, this is just frozen spinach that I thawed and pressed all the water out of We have some Greek yogurt

Some diced water chestnuts (soft clattering) Some diced red pepper And we're gonna add in some ranch dressing mix Just mix that all together ("Dio e Zingaro") Hey, let's transfer this to a bowl

Oh yeah, that looks pretty darn tasty That's all it takes Super easy, chilled spinach dip Check it out, let me know what you think Try it, drop a comment below

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