Indo Mexican Fusion Burritos – Recipe in Hindi with English subtitles.

In today's video lets try an Indo-Mexican Fusion recipe Greetings

You are with The Versatile Doctor I am Dr Abhinav Atul If unique dishes and new recipes are your thing, then this recipe will delight you Burritos are famous in Mexican Cuisine and liked by most In a nutshell, Burritos are nothing but a tortilla roll with a variety of fillings

Making Burritos is quite time consuming But if preparations are made beforehand this can be the star of any party you throw Because the recipe basically is very simple The most important feature of this recipe is its versatility From healthy to decadant, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, this recipe can be tweaked for children as well as the aged

Your choice of fillings can be used in it Tortilla may be made from cornmeal or all purpose flour, or a mixture of these in varied proportions The optional Patties inside tortila is also customizable as per your choice: Use Kidney beans or Bengal grams And if you are not in the mood for elaborate cooking, the aforementioned patties can simply be used as vegetarian burgers! Let us now proceed to taste the flavourful delight of Indo Mexican Fusion Burritos What is needed first is Tortillas To make tasty tortillas which are easy to wrap and look good, too, use only all purpose four (maida)

But I have taken equal quantities (half a cup each) of all purpose flour, whole wheat flour (atta) & Corn meal Half a cup of 3 flours will make 6 medium sized tortillas To this is to be added half a tablespoon of oil, a quarter teaspoon of baking powder, and equal amount of salt This has to be kneaded well with less than half cup of milk (only water may be used) to make a soft dough The dough should be covered with a wet cloth to set for 15-20 minutes, after which it can be rolled out in thin sheets and roasted till half cooked

A healthier alternative is to use only whole wheat flour or combine it with cornmeal, with no all purpose flour Tortillas with more or only all-purpose flour are tastier, but may not be that healthy So now our tortillas are done After cooling, tortillas can be stored in a refrigerator for 3-4 days in an airtight container In this recipe, we will fill our burritos with Beans patties complemented with vegetable fillings

To make 2 beans patties we need a cup of soaked and pressure cooked Kidney beans (or Bengal grams) Red kidneybeans or white ones, doesn't matter these should be properly cooked Kidney beans need to be soaked in water overnight and then pressure cooked with a little salt and a pinch of baking soda for 4-5 whistles or till beans can be easily mashed with fingers To add flavour to the beans we heat a tablespoon each of butter and oil in a pan and add a little Mexican seasoning when hot To this we add half an onion, finely chopped to be sauted for 3-4 minutes, followed by some finely chopped peppers: Capsicum and red and yellow bell peppers

I like my patties a little crunchy in texture so I will saute the peppers for only 2 minutes To get homogenous and smooth patties, saute time may be increased till the engredients are soft To this mixture we add the cooked kidney beans and salt and pepper to taste While cooking, the kidney beans need to be crushed a little in the pan Only a couple of minutes of cooking is needed now till the beans, peppers, seasoning etc

are properly mixed Now the mixture will be left to cool and let us prepare for the crust of the patties Coating requires a simple slurry of all purpose flour and water with a pinch of salt The slurry can be made with a mixture of all purpose flour and corn flour, too To coat over the slurry we need corn flakes and some tortilla chips which we grind into a coarse powder

Simple breadcrumbs can also be used Or use any one, instead of a mixture of corn flakes and tortillas As shown here, the crust can be further improved with some mexican seasoning, salt and paprica powder to be mixed with the crumbs mixture This is optional Do mind the salt, however, as we have added salt in slurry, too

After cooling, if the bean mixture still seams wet you can add a little corn flour or some breadcrumbs Again optional is a half teaspoon of lemon juice Do give the mixture a taste at this point for fine tuning the seasoning Mashing the mixture and shaping patties is a handy job Although it can be done with the help of potato masher, and shaping using spoons or a mould/cookie cutter too

Patties will be fried after coating with slurry and crumbs As I said earlier, these patties can simply put over toasted and buttered burger buns with tomato slices, some lettuce, thousand island sauce and a slice of processed cheese and enjoyed like a classic burger In today's recipe, though, we shall go one step further with our patties Patties are ready now Time to make Vegeable filling

You can put your favourite assortment of veggies in this filling This is a good recipe to make kids eat vegetables Eggplant/brinjal, spinach, cottage cheese, or any fresh vegetable you have at your home Here I have taken the other half of my onion, Peppers of three colours, tomatoes, Cottage cheese, sweet corn and some chopped jalapenos Saute these veggies on medium flame for 5 – 7 minutes Add salt to taste, a little Mexican seasoning and black pepper and cook till the veggies reduce to half their volume

Now – add a little tomato ketchup, Thousand island sauce and cheese Now turn the flame off and mix everything well Mayonnaise can be used in stead of thousand island sauce or skip this part entirely At last, add a generous amount of fresh, chopped coriander Now its time to assemble

Spread 2 spoonfuls of the vegetable filling over one tortilla sheet and place one bean patty over it (halved) Spread a little mayonnaise over the patty halves and close the roll An alternative is to wrap this in aluminum foil and bake in an oven at 180 degrees C for 10 minutes Else, as I have done, shallow fry it on a skillet / tawa with a little oil or butter till the wrap is cooked Maida (all purpose flour) tortillas are quite easy to wrap, but, as you can see, mixed tortillas or only wholewheat flour tortillas are not so flexible

So a toothpick can be used so ensure the wrap stays closed while frying And finallyour Burritos are ready

What do you think? Doesn't it look delicious? It certainly tastes great but dont listen to me, make this recipe at your home And let me know how you and your family liked this? If you found this video interesting, do like and share And please do subscribe to stay tuned with me

This is it from me today I shall return soon with another recipe or another video on any other topic It is my pride and privilege to be able to connect with you through this video


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