Co-op Food: Thai Turkey Burger

Hi, I'm Dale MacKay, and today we're gonna combine two of my favourite things: Thai flavours and a burger So we're gonna get right into it and make a really quick 20 minute pickle

All we need is two different ingredients, which is just our sugar and our vinegar And we're just gonna bring that to a quick simmer, let it cool down slightly, and then we're gonna pour it over top of our cucumbers Now that we poured liquid over top, we just want to let those stand for at least 20 minutes Okay, now it's time to make our patties So we have some ground turkey, fresh garlic, ginger, some green onions, some turmeric, some jalapenos, some fish sauce for some brinyness there, some lime juice for some good acidity, some sesame oil, and then we're gonna finish with our salt

All right, just take your hand and just make sure it's all nicely incorporated and all really well mixed in I find a really good trick is to add a little bit of vegetable oil on your hands just so the meat doesn't stick So you can see, I'm throwing it back and forth and then I'm just going to finish forming it and getting making sure all the sides are good All right, now we've got our patties formed we're gonna take these outside and get them grilled All right, once you put a nice carmelization on one side, give it a quick flip, and we'll cook it through from there

All right, now our burgers are ready, we're gonna take them off the grill, take them inside and start assembling our Thai burger We're gonna make a quick mayo here, so all we're gonna take is a bit of sriracha, and add it to our mayo Give that a quick stir This is gonna give a little bit of a bite to the burger, and also has a really nice colour We're gonna just take a little bit of our sriracha mayo, and put a little bit on the top, and then on the bottom

Okay then we're gonna start laying our pickles down We're gonna put our Thai patty on top, and then we're just gonna garnish the top with some fresh basil and mint leaves It's gonna give a really nice kind of fresh aromatic flavour to it, and it kind of replaces the lettuce There we go! There we have our Thai inspired burger If you want this recipe and many more, go to coopfood



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