Saltimbocca Roman style – Italian traditional recipe (EN)

Hi guys welcome back to my kitchen Start by putting a like! Today we make the Roman Saltimbocca It is a typical dish of Rome It's a meat dish, so a second It is very easy – very tasty So let's go to the ingredients, and I'll show you what to do The main ingredient They are the slices of veal nut that would be the youngest element of cattle You can also use the pig It's not exactly what you should use, but it will work

Then we have, ham, flour of fresh leaves of sage (Sniff) Fantastic! A toothpick for a slice then I am 4 toothpicks for 4 slices some butter and some white wine to cook This sucks at the ca to drink We will work the meat I will show you how and then we put everything in the pan It's a quick recipe, not too long You just have to make atteTIONE Here Huston, CAN YOU REPEAT? You just have to do atteTIONE, some steps We take the slices You see this white board? This will make us curl the meat when we will cook our meat since we do not want to curl anything, we eliminate this part After you have removed the white membrane Take a weight like the meat tenderizer I have this (MANNAIA) but you can use whatever you want to beat the meat and expand muscle fibers to make it more tender What you did for 1 , do it for all 4 slices Then take the slices take the ham and place it on the meat If it's too long to bend it, Or cut it Do as you like! I like to bend it because I like to have more ham! Take the sage leaves and place them on the slices And with the toothpick

You have to Do something like that In this way, the meat is ham and sage They will be tied when they cook Now let's put some butter in a pan to melt Meanwhile we will pass the meat in the flour When the butter is at temperature, take the meat and put it in the flour So to put it in the part below: Some they also put it on, but I do not like it Because I seem to spoil the ham So we take it and put it face down We leave them only 30 sec face down To not ruin the ham And then we turn them over At this point raise the temperature of the pan and pour the white wine And we are ready to serve It's very fast, I told you so One if you are a normal person, two if you are hungry three if you are me Ah (satisfied) I love them! You put everything, Now pour the melted butter over it with the wine that is too good (shoe in a pan strongly recommended) From fear! Here they are, the Saltimbocca! Assaggiamoli! (Thunderous applause) They are perfect – clear You suspected it at first, and I tell you now too If you like the video, I like it Share and comment, but above all Subscribe to the channel! Hi to the next video!


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