Italian Tomato Sauce Recipe | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

As an adult, there's a few things you should know how to do Say no

Say thank you and make delicious tomato sauce Here's what's going to happen: you're going to take some onions You're going to chop them up You're going to saute them in olive oil You're going to open a can of tomato sauce

Dump it in the same little pot or pan From there, you let it simmer You're going to add some McCormick Garlic Powder, Oregano, a little Italian, some Crushed Red if you want some fennel What you're going to do is allow that to simmer and have those flavors open up

You take your toppings, right? So I could do a basic batch sauce like this or I could do zucchini, mushroom, beef, sausage I love sausage, so we're going to go there You take your jar Why a jar, you ask? Don't worry I'll tell you! It's because plastic is porous and will make it orange, and it's going to make the food taste funny So

Here we go Oh no! What do we do? Don't worry I've got a solution to that too You take your coffee cup You cut out the bottom

Voila! You have a funnel You can pour your basic tomato sauce into your not-so-basic topping From here, take a lid Label it Put it in your fridge and you're ready to go for the week



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