Cleanse Your Arteries, Increase Your Immunity, Decrease The Cholesterol And Remove Any Infection

Cleanse Your Arteries, Increase Your Immunity, Decrease The Cholesterol And Remove Any Infection From Your Body With This Magical Recipe! The increase in heart disease is often considered as a result of clogged arteries In order to keep all the system working fine, it is essential that the blood circulation through arteries is done smoothly

Thus, regular cleansing of arteries should be a part of our health routine When it comes to the cleansing of any body organ, the natural remedies are considered as the most reliable and effective option There exist an old German recipe which can help you to cleanse your arteries, boost the immune system and decreases cholesterol level in the body The recipe is simple to execute and requires only three ingredients which are a lemon, garlic, and ginger Here is the simple recipe for you: Things you need: Filtered water 2 liters / 67

6 oz Lemons 4 (unpeeled) Garlic 4 cloves Ginger root 15 inch/ 4 cm

Process: 1 Take 4 lemons and cut it into small pieces 2 Clean the garlic cloves and ginger root and cut them into small pieces 3

Add all these ingredients to the blender and make a thick paste 4 Put the paste in a pan and heat it for a while Stir it continuously and then add 2 liters of water to it 5

Allow it to cook properly for 15 minutes and then remove the heat 6 Strain the liquid and pour it into a glass bottle 7 Store it in the refrigerator overnight

Dose: Take 1 glass of this drink every day in the morning on an empty stomach If you want you can drink it at night 2 hours before you bedtime on an empty stomach You don’t have to be worried about the odor of garlic as the cooking process eliminates the strong taste and aroma of garlic The drink tastes more like lemonade with ginger flavor in it Make sure you shake the bottle properly before drinking the liquid every day

Consume the drink daily to experience the benefits of this powerful mixture How does it work? When it comes to natural and medicinal properties, you can say garlic is a superfood It consists of all antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties which protect the body from infection Allicin is the important compound in garlic which helps to boost the immunity system Garlic also nourishes our body by providing elements like manganese, fiber vitamin B6, and vitamin C

The compounds like gingerols, capsaicin, curcumin, beta – carotene, salicylate and caffeic acid give ginger an anti-inflammatory property It helps in the elimination of accumulated fat and reduces digestive problems Lemon used in this remedy is a rich source of vitamin C which enhances the functioning of the immune system in the body It helps to normalize the pH of the body and thus will keep you safe from the viral disease It helps to cleanse the arteries and remove the accumulated fat in the body

So, that’s it! This is the simplest way to get rid of the accumulated toxin in the arteries, reduce the cholesterol level and improve the resistance power of the body Try this drink and drop us a comment about your experience of enhanced health


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